How not to get a Detention

Outside, things were at an all-time loud. Groups of gabbling girls swarmed around tables, like a moth attracted to a glowing light. Boys were chasing one-another around in circles, and laughing as if it were remotely entertaining, which it was, in a manner of speaking. As in, you could laugh at their dumbness. Fortunately for us, our friends Izzy and Molly had saved us a table and listened to our tale of The Staircase, The Slime, And The Science Teacher. They nodded their agreement yet said nothing. There was silence until Molly said, "Yeah, Miss is bare thin!". 

"Why does every sentence you say have to have the word 'bare' in it? You sound like a zoo keeper!" I said, exasperated at Molly's use - or rather misuse - of the English language. We all laughed. Molly grinned. She liked teasing me and I honestly couldn't care less. It was just our own little private joke. 

We all stopped laughing when Jamie sauntered over with his trainee idiots, Joe and Carlos. "Do you want to go out with me?" Jamie asked Izzy.

"I'd rather dance with an elephant." Izzy replied, not even bothering to look up from her sandwich. The 3 of them shrugged and walked off, the kind of way that shows that they have the  IQ of a shoe. Then, they started calling us rude and un-repeatable words. Of course, the lady on duty saw nothing. Then, I threw my lunchbox at Jamie, knocking him squarely in the face and sending him flying backwards and head--first into the bin. I was triumphant. Yes, I had got my revenge. I was a hero. I was-

"Diana, detention!" The dinner lady said. I was in big trouble, thats what I was.


The End

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