My Teacher is an Alien

I knew it as soon as she walked through the door. She had a fixed smile and sleek black hair in an insanely tight bun. She was skinny, and wore ridiculously high heels that clumsy people like me would break their neck in. Her minute pencil skirt, blouse and neckerchief made her seem more like an anorexic air hostess than Science teacher. In a way, she was pretty. She looked normal...too normal for my liking. And the way she spoke was strange and all together outlandish. "Foreign?" my best friend Christina Drawn asked. It seemed logical. But something was all together odd about our new teacher."I dunno," I whispered back. 

"Settle down class! I am Miss Little, and I am your new Science teacher. Now, take out your exercise books and right down all six parts of a plant cell, and what each part does." she announced, in a bossy, teacherish way. So I did:

Parts of a plant cell

1. Nucleus - DNA

2. Cell wall - keeps it all togeter together.

3. Cytoplasm - protection.

4. Cell membrane - allows things in and out.

5. Cloroplasts  Chloroplasts - photosynthsis.

6. Central vacuole - keeps cell clean of patentially toxic things.

There. I had probably spelt and generally got half of it wrong. But, no matter. The weird thing is, Miss Little made us do that for the entire lesson, whilst she was drinking some kind of sickly green sludge. Something was strange about her, and I was determined to find out what it was...


The End

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