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A zombie book that runs parrallel to Max Brooks World War Z book. If there is any similarities to things like The Walking Dead it is intentional as I am wanting my book to be a sort of homage to all things Zombie.
Any feed-back on the first chapter would be excellent as I would like to send this to a publisher once it is finished.
Thank you
Colleen Bray

Chapter One

  It had started out as any other normal day, the sun was shining hot and bright, the kids had broken up for the summer holidays and so my family and I decided to embark on a rare trip to Leeds to do a bit of shopping.

  There were five of us in total; Me a five foot four, plump twenty-two year old woman with long brown hair, freckles and light blue eyes. My Fiancé Anthony, tall and athletic six foot one, slim build with short mousey blonde hair, and a boyish face that was always smiling. My Mother Ann, a similar build to myself with beautiful curly dark brown hair. She had a caring face that belied her age (people were often surprised when she told people she had three children aged twenty-two, Eighteen and thirteen), and a feisty personality, which I always thought had something to do with her coming from Liverpool.

  My Step-father Stephen, also known as Eccy because of his last name, was a brilliant man with a wicked sense of humour, often acting a lot younger than he really was, was six foot four short brown hair starting to grey slightly with age, he was muscular due his outdoor job as a landscape gardener. He was very intelligent and I loved him as though he was my own father.

  Then there was my brother James, who has to be the most amazing kid I have ever known. At thirteen he had a passion for gaming that rivalled my own (which was saying something as I introduced him to gaming in the first place!). He had short spiky brown hair, that he was starting to grow out, and a cheeky grin that always reminded me of a monkey that was up to no good. James idolised me and couldn't wait to go to Leeds for the first time in his life to see the places that I had spent so many hours as a teenager in college. My younger sister ,Emily, hadn't come with us that day as she was working and wasn't able to come as she couldn't get the day off.

  We arrived by train at around lunchtime and we walked around the city centre visiting a few shops, before grabbing some lunch at a fast food outlet on Briggate, before heading to the clothes shops on the Headrow. It was in one particular shop that the event that would change the rest of our lives given the events that then occurred over the next ten years would happen.

  We had entered a clothes shop called Primark, and I was trying in vain to find a pair of jeans that would fit me, this was always a nightmare as either the short length trousers were too short or the standard length were too long and I would have to re-adjust them to fit.

  I glanced around for my family, my brother was making a tit of himself by wearing bra's on his head and making my Eccy laugh, my Mum was looking at T-shirts on the other side of the shop and Anthony was looking at the men's shoes.

  I turned back the rail I was browsing through and a couple of minutes later I heard a rumbling noise in front of me. I glanced up and noticed that there was a service elevator about ten feet in front of me and as I looked the doors opened and two figures stumbled out. Several customers looked up and laughed. You couldn't blame them really, they looked like a pair of drama students dressed up in cos-play collecting for an obscure charity, I admit it, they did look very convincing.

  I wish that was all they were – students in cos-play. I couldn't have been further from the truth.

  It was the smell that alerted me. The strong metallic odour of blood, and rotting flesh filled my nostrils and I fought off the instinct to gag, I had only ever smelt that smell a few times beforehand and that was when I would be out walking in the countryside, and you maybe smell that smell before stumbling across some poor dead rabbit or a half decayed fox, it's not a pleasant smell and it's unmistakable once you've smelt it.

  These were NOT students collecting for charity. This was something much, much more sinister.


  That moan.

  It confirmed my suspicions.

  It was a terrifying sound that instantly made the hairs on my body stand up on end. All my feral instincts told me to run and to not look back, to get away from whatever monstrosity it was that was in front of me.

  As I struggled with my fight or flight instincts, one of the customers walked over towards the shambling figures with some change in his hand, I opened my mouth to stop him but no sound came out.

  “Great costumes! What charity are you guys collecting for?” he asked in his bright American accent. He leaned closer towards them.

  “Nooooooooo!” I yelled, finally finding my voice.

  The man looked at me startled and laughed. “It's okay little girlie, they're only dressed up.”

  I watched in horror as he raised his hand towards the decaying figure.

  “Stop! They're not what you think they are. That the real deal I'm certain!” but it was too late. The elder more shabby looking man, wearing a torn and tattered business suit suddenly grabbed out and snatched the Americans hand, sinking it's teeth into his bicep ripping out a bloody, meaty chunk.

  He screamed in terror and in pain, the other customers who had been milling about watching the scene with bemused interest, thinking this was all staged, started to panic. It started slowly at first but soon went around the store like tidal wave as people started stampeding and trying to escape the horrifying scene.

  “Gettit off me! Gettit off me! Please! Somebody help! Arrgh!” but the man held him in a vice-like grip. The younger and fresher Zombie who was clothed in a bloody primark workshirt, grabbed the tourists other hand, as the American tried to batter and punch them away, and it bit his hand, pulling away the bottom half of it. He screamed again.

  “Arrrrgh! P...p...please get it off me! What the Hell is this monstrosity? You! Girl! Come here and fucking help me get these pieces of shit off of me! Arrrgh!” he sank to his knees still screaming blood and gore puddled around him, the smell of it mixed with the fear of the shoppers making me vomit violently on the floor. I knew already that it was too late for the man who was being eaten alive by these beings.

  Anthony grabbed my arm, making me jump and let out a little scream.

  “Come on we have to go, we need to find everyone. Come on dammit!” he tugged my arm urgently again, but I was rooted to the spot staring the dying man in the eyes, feeling utterly helpless as he begged for me to help him.

  “ please. I'm begging you.”

  Slowly I shook my head and watched with a mixture of sadness, fear, confusion and stunned by what was happening. This man was beyond helping, there wasn't anything in this damned shop that I could use to kill these fiends. Aluminium and wood. That's all there was. Nothing heavy enough or dense enough to bash the attackers off with.

  The man's cries died down to whimpers and strangled sobs as the life drained out of him and onto the floor now slick with his blood guts and excrement as they both feasted upon him.

  “Gods sake Colly, COME ON!” Ant forcibly dragged me away and I stumbled besides him whilst regaining my sense's. Everything was seeming to go in slow motion, it felt like half an hour had passed since the lift doors opened revealing the grisly secrete inside. In reality it had been less than ten minutes.

  I spotted my parents ushering people through the automatic doors, and I rushed over to them and hugged my mother tightly. I looked around for James but couldn't see him.

  “Have you seen your Brother?” asked Eccy.

  “I thought he was with you guys?” replied Ant, as he nimbly dodged aside as a very obese woman rumbled sweatily past.

  “Maybe he already got out,” I replied with a confidence I just didn't feel.

  The last of the shoppers had by now left the building and we made our way pout. I turned around looking back to make sure that James wasn't there and I saw another two of these possessed things shambling towards me and moaning. I ran out into the street, where people were screaming and running around terrified.

  “JAMES!” I screamed. I couldn't see him anywhere. I ran down one of the many narrow side-streets, shouting wildly for my Brother. Cold beads of sweat trickled down my back as fear gave me goosebumps all over my body. Where was he?

  Suddenly a terrified yell came from just around the corner. I raced as fast as I could down the last fifty yards or so and round the left turn into a dead end alley. There I saw my brother trying to fend off two undead with a piece of broken palette.

  “Colleen, thank God you're here! Quick help me! They're trying to eat me!” he shrieked. Quickly I cast my eyes around the gloomy alley, my eyes caught sight of what appeared to be a metal pipe. I rushed over and tore it from its rusty fastening. It was about three feet long, and fit quite naturally into my hand, from the weight of it as I held it, I assumed it was made of Iron but it was rusty and it didn't matter as long as I could save my brother from being killed.

  I turned back to these “people” and crept cautiously but quickly towards them. When I got to about two feet behind the first one, I swung my pipe as hard as I could at it's head.

  It connected with a meaty thud and the pipe made a horrific dent in the side of her head. One of it's eyes crumpled and popped out and dangled on its cheek swinging to and fro like a morbid clock pendulum. I swung twice more before she dropped twitching onto the floor and then she lay still. One down. One to go.

  James scrambled up and scooted over to where I was stood wiping away his tears.

  The other one turned around and stared a us with his head cocked to one side; like a puppy would do when looking at something interesting. Just minus all the puppy cuteness. It started shuffling towards us and I took the opportunity to charge towards it holding the bar lengthways to the side of my body, catching it square in the stomach bowling it over where it lay thrashing violently on its back like a bug gnashing it's teeth at us.

  I brought the pipe down repeatedly with as much force that I could muster upon the head, blood splattering everywhere. After half a dozen blows it finally stopped moving and I stood panting looking at the mess. I dropped the pipe on the floor as the realisation that I had just killed two 'people'

  I felt myself starting to shiver violently and I broke out into a cold sweat and the cold wave of nausea washing through my body as the shock kicked in. I sank down to my knees and swayed and my vision started to fade out as I passed out on the floor.

The End

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