Chapter 6

The rest of my day went by too slow. Second was choir, third history, fourth math, fifth art, sixth science, and seventh seminar, and when I got home, like he promised he was there. My parents were still at work and would be for several more hours. I don’t think they remembered it was a half day, I skipped the stairs and just ran on the grass to get to my room from the outside quickly. Shiloh appeared right as I closed the door; he just laid there on my extra bed, I went to go sit on my bed.

“So I bet you are wondering what I meant earlier by had to see you… to make sure you were ok. I know that sounds really weird right now but you will understand soon… hopefully. ” he spoke the word exactly as he had wrote them and exactly as how I thought it would sound coming out of his mouth.

“Well… of course I am! You had me frightened that something really bad was going to happen!” I screamed at him

“Well you can define bad for me and I can explain better through that?”

“Well I don’t know Death, Humiliation, Pain, Etc.”

“Death, no, Humiliation, maybe, pain, maybe.”

He smirked as if this were a game. I couldn’t believe him! “Ok, Well… How?!?”

“Well, that part is complicated.” He sat up.  “There is just someone after you… some how. I don’t know why and I don’t know what she is planning to do but I’d be careful.”

Shiloh disappeared after he said that and I started to walk toward my bathroom. I got to the hallway and he appeared again and trapped me between his two arms against the wall.

“Woah! Shiloh! That’s a little too close for comfort!” Now I was a little weirded out. He got closer to me his forehead almost touching mine. In that stance I notice how muscular he was both arms like logs they were so muscular. Then he spoke.

“You have to promise me that you will be careful.”

“Ok, Ok, I promise.”

“And… and you have to make sure all the new friends you make are ok too. She might try to get to you through them”

“ok” I said that frailly, what could I say? I was scared now more than I had been for a long time.

Shiloh got closer I could feel his warm breath and then once again, he disappeared.

The End

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