Chapter 5

I got to my locker quickly because Julie said her locker was right next to mine so I just followed her. Then her class schedule fell out of her bag so of course I picked it up for her. I happened to glance at it and I couldn’t believe it! We had almost all day together even the electives art and choir! There was a blooming friendship I could feel it!

She asked me What I had first hour so I told her. “English I You?”

“O-M-G! Me To!!!” She screamed. We walked down the hallway to room 103… the English class. Our seat assignments were up on the board. I sat down next to Julie in the back row, there were two seats on the left side of me that were empty the first time I looked over but then, I looked over again and Shiloh was there. I jumped from fright. Julie asked me if I was ok and of course I said I was fine. What was I going to say? A ghost just popped up beside me? I don’t think so. So I grabbed a pen and paper hoping to communicate with Shiloh that way so I didn’t seem weird to Julie.


I wrote…

What Are You doing here?!?!

He somehow placed his hand in mine and then controlling it he replied

I had to see you… to make sure you were ok. I know that sounds really weird right now but you will understand soon… hopefully.

What do you mean MAKE SURE I’M OK? What do you mean I’LL UNDERSTAND SOON? And what do you mean HOPEFULLY??!!??

I can’t tell you right now but I will try to explain things later tonight.  I can’t completely guarantee anything but I’ll try

Wow now I’m scared! What could he be talking about what could happen to me?

“Clarissa… Are you sure your ok? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!” Julie broke my quiet bubble.

“Trust me Julie you have NO idea” She gave a semi-weird look and then Mr. Caembridge started  talking. All I really heard was “Good morning class (then the reply of good morning from the other students) now we have a new student in class today… Clarissa Ruins.” I wave and everyone looked back at me. I could help but notice one guy. He was charmingly handsome… Oh forget handsome he was beyond handsome he was  H-O-T HOT! And I couldn’t believe it but he dropped his pencil and when he looked back he was blushing and looking directly at me. Something I couldn’t help but notice, he looked A LOT like Shiloh. I couldn’t help but think could they be related some how? Maybe their brothers, better yet twins.

The End

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