Chapter 4

The first day of school is always harsh. You always have to decide which group you want to try and get in with. There are the preps (usually the snotty rich kids who mostly dress in plaid and sweater vests), there are the punks with their hair all died bright neon-ish colors. Then the Goths (I most likely wouldn’t fit in with them unless I had a complete mental break down) I decided I would sit at a table that didn’t really have an identified clique...

The first table I saw that I was interested in had an equal number of guys and girls so it was pretty mingled throughout. So I sat down with them and waited for the morning bell to ring turns out I wouldn't have been late even if I walked to school. I love it already classes don’t even start till' nine!

As I sat down a girl had already started to talk to me! I guess it would have been good if I were even listening. Apologetically I said "sorry I could understand what was you said?" she told me her name was same and asked me what mine was. "Clarissa" she started to introduce me to everybody, I felt ashamed I couldn’t remember all or their name right off the bat. There were a few I did remember one seemed to stand out pretty well there was another girl named Clarissa too if you would believe it! Then there was John, Annabelle, Julie (the girl who first introduced me), then there was Jake, and Lilli. As I was just starting to talk to them about their schedules the bell rang I can't believe how time flies!

The End

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