Chapter 3

 Iwoke up this morning exhausted. So I decided to go upstairs and make the coffee. As I was pouring the water into the coffee machine Shiloh decided to come. In my surprise I dropped the glass cup. Thankfully it didn’t break. I thought to myself it must be a mutant cup with some sort of alloy in it. I laughed, it thinks of the most random things at the weirdest of times.

 I guess my father heard me drop the cup but thankfully he didn’t get mad. Even if he did he is so reasonable that I could have gotten out of trouble, but my mom on the other hand, well she’s a different story.

My dad must have guessed what I was doing and continued to make the coffee; Shiloh decided to leave once again.   I ate some frosted flakes and then went downstairs to get ready. When I got down to my room Shiloh was laying on the second bed with MY diary in his hands opened. He looked at the door way and asked me "Whose' Derrick?" I didn’t bother to answer, and just walked over to where he was laying and took my journal out of his, strangely, extremely soft hands. He sat up on the bed.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?" I yelled at him it wasn’t until after I had yelled it did I realized that it was rude. I apologized but he just shook his head and told me to not worry about it and that   he shouldn’t have done what he did anyway. Apparently I was wrong about him already knowing my name because he asked me what it was. I told him calmly "Clarissa." and then like he normally does him left but this time he actually said good-bye.

After he left I went to brush my teeth and hair. For the first day I had to wear something that really showed my personality, so I chose I pink tank top with a lime green Kami under it. Then a jean mini skirt with skin tone sheer hose and heels. I was definitely ready

The End

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