Chapter 2

After dinner I decided I should take a shower, I had a normal routine that I stuck to consciously.  First I’d wash my face, then I’d condition my hair (I don’t shampoo because it makes my hair all frizzy), while the conditioner was setting into my hair I’d shave my legs, after that I would condition two more times which would leave my hair silky smooth. After I got out of the shower I wrapped the towel around my body and started to brush my hair. It wasn’t too long after I started that I noticed the boy I saw in the tree house standing in the doorway of my bathroom leading into my bedroom.

He was just leaning against the door, looking at me. At the time I was frightened, I stepped back a little baby step and he just smiled. I asked him who he was then he looked around like he was making sure I was the only one around and then he said “Shiloh, My name, is Shiloh”. I, still in my towel, started to tell him my name though he already seemed to know it. Then he just, disappeared.

Before I went to bed I wrote in my diary as I did every night.

Dear Diary,

I meet a boy today… sort of. His name is Shiloh I learned that earlier in my bathroom. What an odd place to show up! Anyway the first place I saw him was when I went up into the old tree house I found far out in our back yard he was just sitting on the little window edge. Then when I heard my mom come out I climbed down as fast as I could  and when my mom got to me at the bottom she lectured me about how dangerous tree houses were and blah blah blah! O MY GOSH!!! I can’t believe it’s already midnight! I guess I’d better get to sleep because I have a big day tomorrow SCHOOL!

The End

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