My Supernatural Romance


I was walking around in the backyard of our new house and I came across an old tree house. It looks as though it had just been built yesterday by the design but it had vines covering it so that was a dead giveaway. I decided to climb up the ladder and see how sturdy it was but when I got up I saw something much unexpected.  There was a boy he looked about 14, my age. I moved farther ahead to the center of the tree house I could tell he was sitting on the window ledge.  He looked my way and smiled, he had a scar running across his neck. You could only assume what happened, he must actually be dead because the scar looked like it had been cut deep.

“Clarissa!” My mother was calling me I had to get down quickly before she saw me and commented on how “unsafe” it was to be in a tree house like that even a tree house at all. I got down just in time, right before my mother came off the screened in porch, and thankfully she wasn’t able to see me. As I suspected she lectured me about how “unsafe” the tree house must be. I pretended to listen and just nodded on cue so I wouldn’t get in trouble. While she was lecturing me I also sneaked a peek back up the tree house and he was there standing at the doorway.

I tried not to look back up after that, because to tell the truth I was kind of freaked out. My mother decided that her lecture had actually done some good (which it actually hadn’t) and started to walk away. She, near the doorway yelled out to me that dinner would be ready soon so I should come in as well

The End

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