My Decision

 When I woke up in the morning, I saw my mom. She looked surprised as she watched me. She asked me, "What's wrong with you? You were keep screaming."

I  answered, "Oh, did I? Well...I had such a horrible dream."

"Okay. So come down and have breakfast when you are ready." Mom said

 I coudn't stop thinking about my dream. In my dream, I was climbing Mt.Everest with my family. I was almost at the top, and when I looked at the bottom I was so scared that I screamed and suddenly fell down. After falling down, I realized that I was dead, because I could see myself. Then, I saw myself being put in the was really hot, but my mind was cold...and I saw myself disappearing. It was the worst dream that I've ever had.

 When I was going downstairs to have breakfast, I felt like there are thousands of stairs, and I felt like my legs were shaking. I was so surprised so I cried, "Mom! I can't...I can't go downstairs, help!" Then, I heared my mom's foot step. And I realised that nothing is wrong with the stairs.

 After eating breakfast, I could barely walk. I had no energy for running. I slowly walk to take the schoolbus. Again, Bria saved me a seat. "Hey Anna, I dreamt about going to Xi'an and it was super awesome! Can you remember the dream that you had last night?" Bria said, cheerfully.

 "No. I just remember that I was playing with you in my dream." I lied.

 "Oh really? You had an awesome dream just like me!" said Bria. She looked so happy that I couldn't tell her about my bad dream.

 When I got to my form room, Ms. Thomson told my class that today is the deadline of signing up to go to Xi'an, which meant that I have to make a decision. Should I go to Xi'an or not? I couldn't easily decide. But then, I remembered what my mom said when I was 7. When I had a bad dream, and said what happened in my dream, my mom said dreams are just what people think, which means it's not real. So I decided to just ignore my dream, and just go to Xi'an, so I told Ms. Thomson that I am going to Xi'an.

 Rest of the day went okay. But wasn't sure if I made a right choice.

 At night, I searched internet about Xi'an...and suddenly, I fall asleep.


The End

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