I thought my mom was going to tell me not to go to Xi'an, but my mom actually said do whatever I want which didn't help me at all.  

 "Sweetie, it’s already 11'o clock! It's time to go to bad." my mom called me,

 "Okay mom. Good night!" I said, walking into my bedroom.


  I couldn't sleep well last night, because I couldn't decide if it's good for me to go to Xi'an or not. What if something dangerous like plane accident happens? What if we are climbing a mountain? What if…Yes. I have acrophobia, which means as I told you I'm scared of height. But it's my secret - secret that only my mom, dad, and my brother Jek knows…I'm telling no one except for my family. I'm not even telling my best friends, because I'm sure they would just laugh at me. I don't want to be a person who's being laughed at - simply because I'm not a stupid thing.


  Then, I heard my mom calling me to eat breakfast, so I quickly went downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After eating, it was already 7:05 which means it's almost time to get on the school bus. I quickly brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and rushed outside in order to take the school bus. Of Course, I was the last one to be on the bus. When I got on the bus, I saw Bria who saved me a seat.

 She asked me, "Hey, have you decided to go to Xi'an or not?"

 I thought if I tell her that I haven't decide it yet, I'm sure she will get disappointed at me, so I just answered, "Yes! I can't wait to go to Xi'an! I'm sure it'll be awesome!" She slapped me a high five. Then, we arrived at school. 


 In every class, I couldn’t concentrate, because I couldn’t stop thinking about acrophobia. ‘What if something dangerous happen…do I have to go to Xi’an or not? What should I do…?’ I was worried about going to Xi’an trip though I don’t even know if I’m going or not.


 Most of the day went in the same way – My friends asking me if I’m going to Xi’an, me worrying about going to Xi’an…it was just like living in hell. I went to sleep again at 11’o clock, and I dreamt about climbing a mountain…my fear.

The End

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