My Super Power

A girl called Anna realises that she is in danger and finds out her super power

  Hi, I am Anna. I am 18 years old now. A unique thing about me, well...It happened when I was in Year 8. It's a long story...

 When I was in my form room, my friends: Bria, Edy, and Lin came and sat with me.

 "Hey, Anna!" said Bria.

 "Hey, Bria. What's up?" I said, cheerfully.

 "I'm great, thanks." Bria said, "Anyway, are you going to the school trip to Xi'an next month? I can't wait for it. Are you coming? If you are not coming, I have no one to sleep with."'

 "I will think about it." I said.

 "Oh come on, Anna!" Bria said, giggling "You are scared of going to the school trip without your parents, right? Come on, you baby."

 "I am not scared of anything but you, Edy!" I joked.

 "You are saying that to me?" Edy said, confused.

 "Yes, I am. I'm sure me, Bria, Edy and Lin are all scared of you!" I said.

 "Yeah, that's true." Lin said.

 We laughed. We laughed so loud that our form room teacher Ms. Thomson warned us.

 "Annabel, Brianna, Edwin, and Yulin if you guys talk again, I will separate you guys." Ms. Thomson said, seriously.

 I was actually scared of height. Airplane? Well...I am scared of taking it. But I couldn't tell Bria, Edy, and Lin about it, because I didn't want them to laugh at me.

 After school, I took my school bus to go back home. My mom was waiting for me. I asked my mom, "Mom, I don't want to go to the Xi'an trip, but my friends will laugh at me if I don't go. What should I do?"

 Mom answered, "It's your choice, Sweetie. I don't mind if you go or not."


The End

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