My Struggle

I wrote this for a creative writing class. My intention was to make a story that rose to a climax came to a conclusion and then rose to a climax and came to a conclusion. I also wanted it to feel like there was hope that the protagonist would succeed even after all the horrible things he's done. With the horror escalating and escalating until it just stops because he has no more means to do what he wants. with no happy ending and without a firm solid conclusion. I wanted people to hate the chara

Growing up in a church is hard, especially if you have to work for each meal. But it’s alright because at least I’m doing the lord’s work. The work is hard though I must tend the cattle, pick the vegetables, collect the offering, and cook the food. It’s not terribly hard, well it wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for Eric “son of Eckmond and future noble of Darenthorne”. No matter what I do he always tries to get in the way. What an ignorant brat, he can have anything he wants, a gorgeous maden that he’s betrothed to, and all he wants to do is make my life miserable. I do pray for him though, may god help him to grow to be a true nobleman in the real sense of the word.

I’ve been here for as long as I can remember, my parents just left me on the doorstep. All these years Eric has been here trying to get me in trouble and make my life miserable. He always shows up around the same time noon in between when I’ve taken care of feeding the cattle and when I go to the village to collect the offering.  Here he comes just like clock work.

“Hey how you doing, orphan? You got any food for me today? No, ok well I think I’m gonna have a fun time today with you.” As he reaches in his pocket to pull something out. “You see this, I borrowed it from percy’s dad over in spirehedge. I’m sure they won’t miss it.” It was the most elaborate sword I’ve ever seen. Obviously worth a hundred soldiers years wages. It was laced with precious metals that the sunlight seemed to dance off of.

“You’re sure they won’t miss it”,  I said.

“No, or at least they wouldn’t if I had asked them. You see I stole it. But it’s okay I won’t get in trouble my dad could just make him lose his title if he protests. So they’ll just sit there and let me keep it, and not so much make a pipe up. Or else. You see my dad is powerful like that, I can just take things and people are too afraid to do anything about. As a matter of fact here’s a goblet I took from davenforest.” He threw it on the ground at my feet. “Thanks”, I said. I tried to hide my excitement from showing. “It isn’t free though,It’s gonna cost you” and then he began to beat me. He was merciless, he beat me for hours. I just curled up in a ball, not making a peep. I would except the cost. Then he finally stopped I was battered and bruised, Three broken ribs, a broken nose, bloody mouth, fractured legs, and punctured lung. But it was worth it this jeweled goblet could buy me a whole new life. Maybe not the life of a nobleman like eric and his father, but a new life nonetheless. So as soon as he left I gathered my strength enough to kneel on the ground, and I began to pray. I prayed for thanks for this wonderful gift, but I also prayed for eric’s soul to be saved and forgiven. I struggled to get myself up, and I headed to bed clutching this beautiful goblet with all the strength I had, and fell asleep outside with it in my arms.

The next day I woke up to a bunch of noblemen huddled around me. Then the lord of Davenforest kneeled and moved toward me then whispered in my ear, “We couldn’t touch Eckmond’s little brat, but someone has to pay for making a fool of me”. And then he began to shout,

“Here he is. Here he is. This is the one, this is the boy who robbed me. The one we’ve been looking for. “

“Sir you say it’s my servant boy?”, Father Tucket said

“Look for yourself, there he lies clutching my goblet in his filthy hands.”

“How could you? After I raised you and taught you all about the good word. You should be ashamed of yourself.” I sat there in bewilderment, not knowing what to do. What could I do, what could I say, nothing I would just have to take my fate. As I sat there pondering what would happen next I saw Eric off in the distance rolling on the ground in a frenzied laughter.

“Dear Father, Please let me take this filthy stable boy, and deal with him as customary to the good book.”

“Yes, yes of course. He stole from you it’s only fair that you get to decide his punishment. I will pack his things and he will go with you to serve his penance.”

Then he took me away. He began our journey, Davenforest was nearly thirty miles from here. I had to walk the whole way tie to his horse. But after the beating that Eric had given me last night it wasn’t long before I was on the ground. I tried not to fall to the ground I tried to walk on my legs as long as I could. But eventually they gave out, and so I was dragged by my wrists across the rocky ground. Getting dirt and rocks stuck in my skin and infecting my broken ribs.

Then we finally reach davenforest and I could barely move, they yelled at me to get up. I tried, oh how I tried. Gathering whatever strength I had left pushing my aching muscles to their limits, but I couldn’t and I paid dearly for that. They got out the whips and the clubs, The lord of davenforest told me that since he couldn’t touch Eric I would be his whipping boy.They began to beat me, I thought it was hard with Eric. But these were full grown men skilled with the art of punishment. The pounded me, They snapped my bones, lashed me with whips relentlessly. The whipped my face over and over again until I was unrecognizable. They tore at my flesh, I had chunks of muscle missing from my arms. Then when they had enough, they put me in a boat and sent my body down the river, hoping some starving animals would finish the job.

I can still remember that day, when my life changed forever. All because of that little brat Eric. It took me four years to fully recover, and another six to find my way back. I’ve had to steal to get here. First starting out small with food, but only when I needed it. Then It escalated to money, for bribing people and buying transportation. Who could have known that I would have ended up so far from home, If you can call it that. But now I’m back, at the beginning were my life spiralled out of control.

There’s Eric, noble of Darenthorne. Not nearly as powerful as his father before him.

I am more powerful here then he is now. All the bribes, all the stealing has made me a noble here I’ve bought out hundreds of people. I’ve acquired a vast amount of land and resources. For all the power that he’s lost I’ve gained. He keeps trying to stop me I just want to live in peace. But he comes night after night destroying my crops, killing the children in my villages, raping their mothers, stealing the cattle, and doing anything he can think of to undermine what I’ve worked so hard to accomplish. He’s still as childish as ever. But too weak to do anything himself, he hides behind his soldiers. Although I can take him and destroy him the other nobles still fear him, for the power his father had and fear that he too will one day have the same power again. So he’s been able to turn them all against me and all over again he’s been destroying my life. Why can’t he just leave me alone to live in peace I haven’t done anything to him. I even prayed for him, when I was young, but those days I guess are long gone.

I find myself fantasizing about his death, imagining I putting him through what I’ve had to suffer over the years. But I realize that’s useless. Besides I need to keep the golden rule, maybe if I treat him the way I want to be treated I can finally have some peace and comfort.

So I invited him to dinner. The worst mistake I’ve ever made. I raised the gates and let him and his guard come in. His guard began to ravage my villages. They’ve spent so much time trying to get in, past the gates, and I gave them the opportunity they’ve been looking for. I took a walk through the rubble of broken battered homes, with fires still blazing before me. I Went up to Eric and got on my knees and begged him to stop. Then he began to smile and said that all he ever wanted was for me to remember that I was nothing but a servant boy. He offered me a job as his chamberman. I had nothing left so I took the job.

Three years, three years of horrible hard degrading work. When Eric doesn’t like something I get a thrashing If he’s in a good mood he’ll spit on me for fun. I’ve been broken and bruised over and over for his enjoyment. He likes nothing more than to torment me, he lives for it. Until one day when I had enough I told him I wouldn’t work for him anymore, I told him I was leaving. But he wouldn’t let me, he told me I didn’t have rights, he told me I was his property and I couldn’t just get up and leave. So he tried to beat me, but I had had enough. He charged me, and I stabbed him, I stabbed him right in the heart. I sat there with his blood in my hands watching the crimson fluid flow from his chest, not knowing whether to feel remorse or joy. The sweet salty smell of his blood all over my hands, I didn’t know what to do.

So I was in charge now, he had no heir. I had taken his little empire by force. All his soldiers obeyed me now. As for the other nobles. Well they thought I had liberated them, from the tyrant they were afraid of but each more powerful than. They thought they were free. They thought they had to fear him, but in reality they should have feared me.

All those years of being oppressed, by the noblemen of the country, and now I had an army that had learned to be merciless, that had learned to slaughter innocence and so I sent my little forces to assassinate all the nobles in all the lands. I had to put up with these tyrants no longer I was the only noble now. And when they finished their task I was king. Not of castle, not of a village but of a country. So I put a bounty on all the heads of all the nobles in every country of the world. I took time, yes it did. But the reward was great enough. I almost went bankrupt paying out bounties, but right before I did, every time a country had just been liberated and so Then I had all the money of the country and even more people, and more soldiers, and more mercenaries to do my bidding. The nobles tried to band together and raise armies. But armies can be bought.

I took fifteen years to get them all, I had to use all the resources of every kingdom to bring them to justice. By the end there was no more currency, no more nobles, no more bounties just me, just me and my armies. So I decided to clean up even more. What good is an army with no one to oppose so I sent them after the mercenaries, the thieves that help me get to power the first time, the liars, the rapists, and everyone in the jails and prisons across the world. I had successfully cleansed the world of evil. life was good.

One day when everything was perfect the land was flourishing and all were happy, everyone was happy. I made world peace. So I sat down and prayed. I prayed for forgiveness for all the lives I had to take in the process. I prayed that all the thieves and barbarians be granted refuge in the heavens for they had payed for their sins by my hands. I prayed for all the nobles that were innocent of wrongdoing and that my soul would be cleansed of the sin of taking their lives. I prayed that the other nobles would feel all the fires of the pits of hell. I prayed that Eric would be the devils personal whipping boy, and that he would suffer an eternity feeling the pains I had to endure for years. But I felt my prayers were ignored, I couldn’t put my finger on it I just felt like there was something missing as if no one was there.

Then I realized that in times of peace there’s not much need for so many armies and soldiers across the world. So I quickly requested that all the top troops and soldiers from all my armies across the world would come and join my personal army and guard. As soon as that was taken care of I began the elaborate task of devising a plan. My plan was to convince all the armies across the world that other armies had betrayed me and were trying to destroy everything I had built. I then ordered my personal army to protect me and stay away from all the fights. It took a couple of years but eventually all the armies were destroyed besides my personal army which I sent to kill any survivors that remained. I had created a massive war, then world peace, then a second war, and finally a second world peace with only one army remaining to do as I commanded. Unfortunately the victory was short lived.

All the wars had led to a sickness that had sprung up in a few villages across the world. So I had to quarantine whole cities. I made sure that they had all the food and all the supplies they needed I got my second best doctors to go in and find a cure. They had no reason to leave. It’s not my fault, they should have stayed there. They shouldn’t have left, they had no reason to, everything they could have wanted was provided. But they tried to leave their cities. So I had no choice I had to destroyed the cities. I had prevented a plague, and I realized plagues aren’t the only things that could destroy my perfect world. I had to create a campaign against all disorders, any sickness that could be past down through generations had to be eliminated. I sent my army to kill everyone that was born with a defect. The world had to be purged of all sickness, and it would be.

It was hard to live with those decisions, As a leader I had to make the tough decisions that no one liked,but everyone benefitted from. I was heart torn, so bad that I stayed in my castle. I didn’t leave for a few years, actually before the incident I hadn’t left my castle that much anyways. It got to a point, where the people in this world had forgotten that I was even in charge. They had forgotten I was the king, all they knew was the army, the army that came and took their loved ones away. But one day I decided to leave my castle, too take a stroll down the villages too see my people. I decided my people need to remember that they had a king looking out for them. I put on my armor, my sword, and my crown, my crown was created by combining all designs from crowns of all the kings of every country, I looked magnificent. I went out to greet my people, they were elated to see me, there eyes began to glow. They had almost forgotten, but now they remembered, they remembered I was the one who saved them from nobles, and kings, and criminals, and sickness. They all began to bow, they tried to get as low as possible, I had forgotten how this felt. I walked through this gorgeous beautiful city, all were happy all of them had enough food and health care. No one was sick, I had done it at last. But then I rounded the corner, and saw him. A young boy whose leg had been cut off, he was limping and smiling. He was happy and healthy. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him though, he had a hard time walking, and running. So I decided to help him, I went over to him, I looked him in the eyes, I told him I was going to make everything better, I was going to take away the pain. And I drew my sword, and stabbed him through the heart. I held him as he fell, I help his body fall slowly to the ground. I left him lying peacefully on the ground, and I began to look around. I saw more children, more women, and more men that were missing limbs. I tried to get rid of all sickness, but this still plagued my people, it must be the same throughout the world.

I got my army together, I told them my new orders, we would ride through the earth and rid it of all the suffering crippleds. This time though I wouldn’t just sit in my castle, waiting for years for my soldiers to return. I wouldn’t just wait there not showing my people their king, I need to be there so they know I still care. So I would be leading this campaign, I would head it riding to and fro in front of my soldiers.

It took a few years, I had to kill so many there were so many, I had to help them but I couldn’t just leave these people. At some point many of them were going to get hurt, or a sickness could come back up. So now I go walking through my villages, or at least the ones close to my castle. I walk through at night, and I kill the ones that stay up late. I have to take care of them, I need to...I have to do something...I just want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. One day I came across a little boy, he begged me for mercy, he got on the ground, he cried, he begged it was pathetic. I took my sword and cut his head off right there, I just let it roll on the ground with his eyes staring into the sky, and the darkness of the night. I realized these people are all just pathetic. I was finally free, free of having to protect and defend these animals. I began to go through slaughtering them, tearing their limbs off, burning their villages, and killing the young to keep them from growing up into these pathetic excuses for human beings. I started close to my castle, but they began to run so I chased them I chased them to other countries, I took it as far as killing my own army. I became an unstoppable force, the only ones with weapons were the soldiers, and now they had all died by my hands. No one was left in my country, and I was left alone, left to myself. I remembered all the children , the women, at one point it would’ve made me cry and want to take my life. Now, it doesn’t mean anything, I don’t care.

They used to love red dirt, it’s one of the most fertile in the world. Farmers would travel miles to be able to find red dirt to farm on, but not anymore. Now they despise red dirt, they can’t tell anymore if it’s natural, or if I made it. There has been so much bloodshed across this land and the world, that it’s literally stained the ground red in some places. No ones knows exactly how deep it goes the farthest they’ve digged was ten feet and it’s still only slightly faded.

I don’t know what to do anymore I am the ruler of the world. A world in shambles, the people afraid, but it’s okay. There’s no famine, no crime, and no sickness, and no intelligent worthwhile life anywhere. I’m all alone by myself in my country where I grew up. But at least I can rest easily, there’s nothing to worry about not anymore.

The End

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