rejection has its consequencesMature

I reject someone they get mad at me and go CRAZY.

I look at myself in the mirror and sigh inwardly. I'm a mess. I'm covered in blood and my top is torn to shreds. I'm  standing on a chair looking at the bloody mess of a room I'm in. Body parts all over bits of flesh an eyeball here and there. My books are strewn my clothes thrown all over the room a bloody message that says 'He watches you...he will find you..' Hmph its pretty impressive in my opinion. I've always liked a messy room but not a single bedroom in the world can top this. HA!! Mom would freak when she'll see this. I cant wait to see her expression. This whole problem started when I met Lee Danvers a guy in my school. Total troublemaker kinda cute but a mean killing machine. He'd get into fights the minute you look away from him. Kinda like me but not much. I didn't do drugs or smoked fags and had a new boy/girlfriend every week. He was not my type. I was a normal girl who liked to read, paint and whatnot. So he made a move on me last Monday:

'Hi.' says Lee plopping down in front of me. 'Hi.' I say shooing him away. He's good craic most of the time but there are some times when he really pisses me off. 'The school dance is coming up wanna go with me?' he asks me wagging his eyebrows. 'What the fuck do you think my answer is Lee?' I ask angrily. 'Whao whoa I'm just asking. Jesus. Well?' I sigh 'No I'm not going. One I can't dance and two you annoy me so I'm not gong with you. Ask someone else.' I go back to doing my art project. 'I know you wanna go with me so I'll keep bugging-' 'No and thats final.' I glare at him and he backs off. Everyone knows when to stop annoying me when I glare. Even Lee. He scowls and goes back to his desk. I feel his eyes on me all day.

On my way home I notice Lee staring at me through the bus window. I know I've angered him but who am I to care? I feel him watching me all week and finally I decide to do something about it.


'Hey Lee!! Yo earth to bug!!!' Lee turns around and grins 'So you finally agree.' 'No I don't. I wanna know....have you been stalking me?' He laughs at that. 'No, have you seen me doing anything suspicious?' I shake my head. 'Exactly. Anything else?' I shake my head again. He leaves.

I'm watching Texas chainsaw massacre on the TV. It's pretty stupid in my opinion. I see a shadow at my window. I bet its James from next door he's always there. Stupid kid. Well...he is only 7. Can't really blame him. 'James go away!' The shadow flitted away. I sit back to watch the movie. I see him again 'I said go away James or I'll call Molly over!' He stays. I get angry and open the window and punch downwards. I hit someone. They howl in pain. I know from the voice its not James. They grab my wrist and yank. I pull free. Thank you self defense. Theres a bang on the door 'Open up. It's me Lee.' I scowl 'What the fuck Lee. Why were you in front of my window.' He laughs 'I was trying to guess what you were watching. Can I come in.' I sigh. This guy is seriously weird and smack-worthy. 'Kay.' Warning bells. I dont get a chance to scream before he gagged me and threw me on my bed . I stuggled against him screaming against the gag. 'This is what you get for rejecting me.' God he's sick. Thank god I'm near my hiding place for my knife. Dont ask me why I have a knife. Unfortunately he has his own 'You better be prepared for what's gonna happen to you.' He grinned. I shifted slowly towards my knife. Soon I was within reach. I ripped my hand out of his and grabbed it from under the pillow and stabbed him under in the shoulder. He screamed and lunged for me and caught my side with his dagger. I stabbed him back. He fell. Geuss he's not good with knives like he's good with fists. Soon he was down and there was  blood everywhere. And that is the end of story and now we come back to the present. Where was I....oh yeah good view from the chair. I smile to myself and look at the rope attached to the ceiling. I kick the chair and I go out like a light bulb. Quick and painless. I wonder..will I go to hell and see Lee or heaven and see no one at all.

The End

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