Fast forward 6 the present day.Mature

Megan and myself have been dating now for about 9 months. After that first day, when we met, there didn't seem any point in avoiding the inevitable really. I knew by the end of the evening that I didn't want to be with anyone else. We had met only that morning, but by the time I walked her home, it was like I had known her all my life. We started to see each other every day. When  the subject of her staying at mine, or me at hers was voiced, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. We became 'intimate' within a week, and I fell completely head over heals in love. I had found the person I would like to live forever with. When I plucked up the courage to actually tell her how I felt, she looked at me, and smiled, and told me that she had felt the same from the moment she had met me. She admitted that she had been terrified that I wouldn't have liked her.

Within a month, everyone in our new circle of friends could see that we were inseparable. Her 'cousins' as she called them, told me that they couldn't remember seeing her this happy. I did have a friendly warning from one of the elders, who looked on her like a father would to a daughter. He told me that if I hurt her, there would be no place on Earth I could hide from him, and that he had the patience to wait for as long as it took to find me, should he need to. Needless to say, that although the warning DID scare the crap out of me, it was a moot point. Aside from doing the obvious things that a new couple in love do, we also spent hours talking. Meg told me about her childhood in Ireland. How she became a Vampire. the countries she had lived in, the things she had seen. She told me of being a nurse in both the first and second world wars. She told me that the last time she had let someone into her heart was in the 1950's. He had been a sailor, a fisherman, and his boat had been lost at sea with all hands. Because he had been human, she had known her time with him had been limited, unless she had tried to change him too. When he died though, it had been out of the blue, with no chance to say goodbye. The grief she felt had forced her to shut out anyone more than a friend from that point.

When I asked why I had been the exception, she told me that it was all due to a fortune teller, someone she had met in the early 1930's when she was travelling through what would one day be called Vietnam. The fortune teller had told her that she would one day meet a man, who would have the markings of his homeland drawn on his body, but would also have an unusual guardian protecting his back. On his arms would be drawings and symbols in unusual writings. She would meet him in an area full of water, and he would appear to be able to travel underwater like a fish, without effort. When she had seen me in the pool that morning, with my Celtic tattoo on my arm, the dragon face across the whole of my back, she was amazed. When she had seen the other tattoos I have, the Elvish writing, the Chinese symbols, the logo of my favourite band....she had thought that it just had to be a coincidence. Then, when I began doing widths underwater, like a that point the almost long forgotten fortune tellers words came back to her with clarity.

After 5 months, I plucked up the courage to tell Meg that I wanted us to be together for all time, and that I wanted to marry her. When she started crying, I thought I had really fucked up. When she stopped, and was able to tell me "yes", then I realised that they were tears of happiness, nothing else.

We sought the permission from the elders in the community, obeying the laws that we were requested to live by. Although we can theoretically live for ever, it does come with one horrific drawback. Vampires cannot bear children. A child cannot be conceived, no matter what the parental combination. We were told that if we wanted to, in 10 years time, when we opt to move to new area, we could adopt a child. One way of ensuring the species continues, in a controlled manner, is to raise children that otherwise would have no chance for a normal life, allowing them the chance and choice to become a Vampire of their own accord. We agreed that in 10 years, we would. Until then, we would get a cat.

We decided to get a new place to live, in a new area, completely start afresh. We went to the elder council, and asked for help in moving. We had no real criteria of where we wanted to go, but we both agreed that somewhere in the country, but not too far from the civilisation, would be fine. We were told of a place that was being built, by a company that was chaired by a board of Vampires. Preferential acceptance was being granted to members of the 'family', and if we wanted, we could have a home designed around what we wanted. We decided to go for it. In the meetings that followed, we were helped by architects and builders to literally design our dream home.

Megan, being a simple country girl at heart, wanted something simple, 'olde world' etc. Me, being a child of the '80s and '90s, and those being the 1980s and 1990s...wanted things like a computer games room, fancy kitchen with all the shiny buttons and bells...

When the home was built, it was a compromise of what we both wanted. It was homely, with a large open fireplace that reminded Meg of her fathers farm. There was a room just for me with all the gadgets I could dream of having. The kitchen and living room merged into one, a massive open plan room that had a great big tropical fish-tank down one side.........

Now all we need to do, is agree on a name for the pets.........

The End

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