My story- An ode to past experiences and new beginnings

The day dawned very beautifully, I even woke up early. It was the day I was getting freedom at last! After four years, this was the day that led me to my free state!

I woke up quite early, did some last minute revisions, got dressed hastily, grabbed my backpack and hurried for the last exam of the semester, in my case, the last exam of my bachelor’s degree!

I reached the exam hall and sat through the agonizing three hour final exam. I saw how the faces of other students too were flushed with excitement. Somehow, I managed to get through to the last exam without any major mishap. 

I was looking forward to no more custom assignment writing, no more burning the midnight oil to prepare for long tedious exams. My future looked quite amazing. I was looking forward to be a career woman, with an exciting job and a bright career. Of course, I was super excited and super anxious as I was about to say goodbye to the place I had been living for the past four years. People say this parting with student life and entering into professional life is bittersweet, mine was quite happy as I couldn’t wait to get out and get on with my practical life.

However, my life took a major turn! One year has gone by since that day I left the gates of my college and I am now a big city girl, with a fast paced job. Now, after one year when I look back at that day, I consider myself a naïve little girl with foolish aspirations. I came to this realization after facing a number of shocking insightful events. After I graduated, I had a lot of trouble finding a good job as I was a fresh graduate and had no experience in the practical field. As I had to pay my student loans, which is a truckload of debt, so I had to grab the one that I could get.

For the job that I managed to get, I had to relocate to a new place, get a new apartment, make new friends, in short start a new life for a minimum wage. For the sake of my career, I left my city and my family to a new city. It was a hard start, being alone, preparing my own meals and eating them alone and then working long hours. How I missed my student life, the constant circle of friends, which at that time, I couldn’t wait to get over with.

I realized that the student life was the best part of my life, now I just had to make the bill payments and work at a job that I did not like and that did not pay that much either.

However, I believe that I will be able to get a better job quite soon, so here is to hoping for a happy future. I shall strive and fulfill the dreams of the naïve college girl!

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The End

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