My Story

Aja slid into the designated chair.

“Greeting, Lady Staley,” said a blind monk in flowing white robes, holding a very large scroll, “Here is the Elder Scroll you requested.”

He placed it on the table in front of her.

Aja felt the adrenaline pumping through her as she touched it. The excitement was almost more than she could bear.

This is an Elder Scroll! I’ll be famous for generations! She tried to calm herself, as her shaking hands unrolled the Scroll. Strange writings and symbols were all over the parchment. The magic from it reverberated from her hands all the way up her arms, making her shoulders ache. Staring at it was giving her a fast and hard headache. She rolled it up quickly, carefully stuffing it into her pack.

The only way for her to get out was to sneak past the monks up the stairs and down a chimney shoot to Azura knows where. She wiped the sweat away from her eyes. Aja ascended the staircase as quietly and carefully as she could. If she could make it past these old codgers, then Aja would have it made for the rest of her life. She would live alone and peacefully in Morrowind. No more Imperial influences, Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild. Yes, there is Dark Brotherhood in Morrowind, but it’s not like they would know her.

Sweat trickled down her spine as she ascended the narrow spiral staircase.

A monk was coming down. Silently flipping herself over the side and holding on tight, the monk went by, not suspecting a thing. Aja pulled herself back up and resumed her climb.

The End

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