Chapter 1

This is a Fan-Fic, because I am so obsessed with the Elder Scrolls franchise, I decided to write a series, for all the games they have made so far, (except ESO. That is crap)

Aja felt safe in the darkness. It was like home, minus the rats. The Gray Fox had put her on another special mission, again not showing his face, but under a cowl. He must be either really ugly, or extremely paranoid.

This mission was different, however. He had given her a map that led, from the sewers, into the Imperial Palace, straight to the Elder Scrolls library. This ultimate heist had been planned, and arranged, for years. Aja had been the one to put it into fruition. Gathering all the necessary items, she felt quite honored to be the first thief in history to steal an Elder Scroll.

She didn’t know why the Gray Fox wanted it, maybe just for sport, but Aja had an inkling that it was meant for something more.

Brushing her light, and stained, hair from her face, Aja headed further into the deep, rank sewers.

The idea was that she would sneak in, and pretend to be a woman named Joyna Staley, a known elven writer and scholar, who had ‘set up’ an appointment. Aja wasn’t to speak, otherwise the blind monks would know it wasn’t the real her. It is said, that after the monks had been studying the Elder Scrolls, they eventually went blind as a side effect to such gloriousness. After she had taken the Scroll, she was suppose to find another way out of the Palace. Going back the way she came would be impossible. Between her and freedom behind her was an Ayleid ruin with a way in, but not a way back out. Ridiculous, she thought, They were so paranoid, they probably wouldn’t even invite other Ayleids over for a game of war. Aja smiled to herself. Her father might have slapped her for that one. Disrespect toward ancestors is quite frowned upon, seeing as how her father is Dark Elf.

At least her mother didn’t believe in worshiping ones ancestors. Her mother was a Wood Elf, and got most of her characteristics from her. A fine woman she was, following the gods commandments and teaching her daughters and sons. Aja’s sister seemed to be all Dark Elf, with black hair, blue skin, and red eyes. Her brother got exact Wood Elf complexion. Blonde, fair skinned, and green eyes. Aja got the mix of the two. She had blondish hair, fair skin with a blueish tint, and red eyes. Most of the shamans in the village thought she was a daedra child from Oblivion. Aja always thought fondly of those women. They didn’t know it, but their scorns and spells made Aja hard. Hard mentally, hard physically. When she left her family in southern Valenwood, for Skyrim, that’s when she became emotionally hard.

A palace guard came around the corner. Aja, regretting her reminisce, pressed herself against the dark wall, rubbing her sapphire ring vigorously for luck.

The subtle clink of his armor proceeded past her. Thank the gods, she thought, as she resumed creeping down the corridor. The tower was circular, with quite large crevices in the walls, wide enough for Aja’s small frame to slide into. Next was the Magi quarters. The Gray Fox had told her that, if it was absolutely needed, she could kill some people to get to the scroll, but he couldn't get the bounty off her head.

The End

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