My star (cont.)

As we exit the restroom, I ask her, “Why are you doing this after what I said?”

Selena doesn’t answer at first. We arrive at the counselor’s office, but she stops me from opening the door. “I did this because of what my sister taught me. You should never give up on anyone or anything, no matter what it is. Besides, that happened a long time ago. I knew back then that you would just need some time to change your mind.”

We stop in front of the counselor’s office door. Selena turns to face me. “All you have to do is open that door and tell her what’s been going on. I’ll be right beside you. Come on,” she urges, gently pushing me to open the door.

With a tornado in my stomach, I place my hand around the cold doorknob. Ever so slowly, I turn it. I open the door while my heart beats rapidly in fear. I walk into the office with my best friend, still after all these years. Selena is my star. I don’t always see her, but I know now that she is always there—no matter what.

The End

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