My star (cont.)

have used the bathroom ten minutes ago, before school started. I’m alone in the bathroom. The knife twinkles in my hand. I’ve always thought knives looked pretty in the light. The one in my hand is reflecting everything in the bathroom, including my dazed expression. I hold it level to my heart, beating slowly in my chest.

The second before I start to push it into my chest, I hear a strong yet soft voice command, “Drop it.”

Surprising myself, I drop the weapon. Regret floods in. I shouldn’t have dropped it. I turn around to see Selena standing by the closed door. I never heard it open. “I followed you in here. I could tell something was wrong; I had a sister who went through this, remember?”  I think about what she just said; she had a sister. Her sister couldn’t live with this, either. I don’t blame her.

Selena picks up the forlorn knife. She puts it in her bag. Placing me on the bathroom counter, she says, “Now, Julia, can you tell me what made you feel this way?”

I shake my head. Selena sighs, taking a paper towel from the dispenser. “Wipe your eyes,” she commands. She picks up my bag for me. “I’ll take you to the counselor. I’ll help you get help for this, okay?”

The End

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