My star (cont.)

friends were just saying that to let me hear what I wanted to hear. I had nice friends.


At school, nine hours later, I watch the other students, smiling and talking with their friends. I watch the couples kiss each other, whispering sweet, romantic things into each other’s ears. I envy them.

I look up at the sun above me. I realize just how much I want to run away right now. If I leave right now, people won’t ever know I’m gone. They really don’t care about me that much. No one ever looks my way or makes an attempt to talk to me. No one even holds the door for me. As I stare up at the sun with half-closed eyes, I think about the thoughts and memories that haunt me throughout the day. They lead back to Selena, and the image of her in my head makes my heart crack and fall apart. I can almost hear the two separate pieces landing.

In third period, I sit at my desk, not listening to my English teacher talk about gerunds and our current literature book, To Kill a Mockingbird. I hear my name being said, and the sound around me stops abruptly, much like a car accident. I look up at the teacher.

The End

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