Venture The Tombs (Part I)

I stepped into the dark dominion of the dead, with the training saber ignited forth. It illuminated the treacherous path into the gloomy graves and somber crypts. Nevertheless, all this retained a majesty of its own, a glory whose gleam breached the ever-present veil of ominous darkness and decay.

I tried to remember the Valley's map as represented in The Old Republic game. I had entered from the Sith Academy's gate, which meant I still had a long way to go.

"Another 'acolyte' here to prove himself, huh?" The voice of a short, unkempt man interrupted my thoughts. His two companions held what seemed to be blaster pistols, automatically pointing them at my gigantic frame.

"Yes, sir," I replied, "would you please let me pass?"

"Humm, let's see... No! C'mon, fellas, let's kill this fool and keep his saber for ourselves!"

Their firing began, but I had no gun to counter it! All I had was a thin training saber: I had to reach those looters in order to knock them out without getting shot! It was insane! A blast hurled toward my chest, but ended up in the roof; another one aimed to my head somehow found the wall of the cubic room we stood in. It took these two lethal attempts to realize that my saber was, nevertheless, fulfilling a most important defensive role - it was deflecting the looters' blasts! I got closer, and closer, and closer to the looters, always deviating the deadly route of their shooting, until I was finally able to grab one of them and use him as a human shield - or, in this case, a Duros one. A life-saving move for me, the death sentence for the Duros looter, killed by his fellow's friendly fire. I pushed my dead shield against the short rude man and rolled to the other shooter. He didn't have time to react to my explosive, K.O.-guaranteed uppercut.

Now it was just me and the short man. I striked with my saber as I turned to my foe, but was prevented from dealing the harmful blow by his weapon: a sturdy vibrosword. We clashed our weapons over and over again, looking for an opportunity to dismember each other at each strike! The fight, however, finally came to an end when I felt an urge to release all the stress and pent-up anger that had built up within me. As we clashed blades once more, my left hand stretched forth against the gross looter. The short man was sent flying across the room, as if a big bomb had exploded right before his very feet! I dashed to the numb looter and, without thinking twice, delivered a final blow in the poor man's skull.

My "fall" to the Dark Side was now complete.

The End

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