Mission Accomplished

"Overseer... Overseer Fjonni, I presume." I inclined my head forward in respect towards the young, male Cathar clad in a purple and black vest. It really seemed like I was getting into this Star Wars business! "My master, Darth Styx, commanded me to deliver you this datapad."

The Cathar's response was curt and blunt: "I know."

"You... know?"

"I do." 

What the heck? Did he have psychic powers or something? "How so?"

The furry Overseer smiled: "Your master informed me of your errand, as well as of your trial."

"Wait - wasn't the delivery the trial?"

"The delivery was a means to the trial," answered Overseer Fjonni as I handed him the datapad, "a simple task leading to a lethal snare. You overcame both."

The two enforcers stood up from the cold floor's tiles and bowed to the overseer, who said to me, pointing at the training sabers I held: "You may want to return those to them, for a more noble weapon might be yours soon enough."

"Why would I return my attackers their instruments of execution?"

"Because, had you been wiser," replied Fjonni in his blunt way, "you would have realized you had been lured into a trap the moment you saw them, thus being ready for the inevitable. And because I say so."

"As you say, Overseer." I handed them their weapons reluctantly.

"See you around, big boy," one of them said. "Watch out for Vukral." The two men left the room, whispering to each other. I wondered if they were talking about me.

"Who is Vukral? And what was this trial all about?" I asked impatiently.

"Vukral is one of the most prominent acolytes of all Korriban. He is also called the 'Killing Machine.'

"Is he that fierce?"

"Rumour has it that the acolytes who can "compete" with him end up dead - killed by Vukral himself, to be more specific. He doesn't deny."

Things didn't sound good at all: first, a lunatic; and now, a psychopath. A very harmful duo. I don't even wanna know what would happen if they joined forces, or worse: if they joined forces against me!

"Your trial," he continued, "did not surprise me. Darth Styx can make much out of little, and that is true even regarding your trial. You were probably expecting something more... intricate, like delving into K'lor'slug-infested tombs and trespassing Tuk'ata nests. But his plan worked perfectly...as always."

"His plan?"

"Anyone can deliver a datapad to the other side of the Academy; in fact, Darth Styx did not even need to send me a courier with the datapad - he could have just sent the intel through our impregnable network! But he needed a pretext to have you tested. Something simple, quick and efficient. Something like the ambush by your two assailants."

"You're telling me this was all a plot to test me?!" I was really irritated, even though that was no good excuse for my rudeness.

"And a good one, too," Fjonni replied. "You were able to overcome your adversity by relying on the Code - the unfailing Code! - that Darth Styx shared to you. That was your test. The Code is the soul of a true Sith; always keep it in mind. Devote yourself to it, and it will make itself true in you." The Overseer paused and looked at the datapad curiously. "Now, let us see what this has for us."

The End

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