Brawl In The Academy

It's funny how you can think everything is leading to success in one moment, and yet in the next one you are faced with a threat that not only you can't ignore, but it also can put into jeopardy your whole plans! That was exactly what had happened to me, however. These two men wearing ordinary outfits like mine now rushed at me for a fatal, synchronized strike! But what in the world had I done? Why were they attacking me? Did it have something to do with the datapad I carried?

"," I said as I tried to dodge their blows, "...a huge... misundersta-ARRGH!"

I'm telling you, those shiny sticks really hurt! Once they hit me, I couldn't evade their attacks anymore: they discharged a flurry of strikes so quick I fell on my knees, bleeding from all the thrashing. Nevertheless, they showed no mercy and kept beating me, as if their goal was to kill me! I squirmed in grievous pain, unable to think why this was happening to me! All I could do was to feel... pain. Pain for my beating, pain for my wounds, pain for my mistreatment. It was then, as I kept being mauled unceasingly, that I remembered Darth Styx's words: "Remember the code - always!" 'Peace is a lie, there is only passion; through passion I gain strength.' The same pain that brought me to my knees was now lifting my gigantic body. Slowly yet steadily, I rose from my submissive stance and groaned louder and louder. 'Through strength, I gain power': I managed to grab both of them by their throats. I gotta admit this new version of me has its advantages: can you imagine being a ninth grader and choke two college juniors with your own bare hands? Yet not only did I lift them from the ground by their throats, I threw them into the Overseer's room!

'Through power, I gain victory.' While the two assailants lay astonished on the grey pavement, I grabbed their training sabers and was about to crack their heads open when a voice stopped me from doing so.

"Stop it, apprentice," said a delighted Overseer Fjonni, "you have proved yourself!"

The End

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