A Simple Task

"My first trial? W-What about my teaching?"

"You have learned enough to face this trial," replied myto new master.

"But- But I don't have a lightsaber- I don't know how to use the Force-"

"My apprentice, you already possess every quality and weapon required to accomplish the menial task I am charging you with. If I say that you are ready, I do mean it."

His words had a comforting effect in me, even though I was not quite confident yet. What if it involved killing something - or even someone? "If you say so, my master-"

"I knew you would reconsider, Ely. Your first assignment is, as I already mentioned, a simple one." The Dark Councillor grabbed a datapad and connected it to one of his enourmous computers. It seemed like he was downloading some sort of coordinates, but I couldn't understand what they related to. He then removed the datapad and handed it to my big blue hands: "This datapad contains classified information that must be delivered to Overseer Fjonni. You, my apprentice, are the appointed courier."

"W-Where can I find her?"

"He is probably in his office at this time. Simply walk the corridor that begins from my chambers until you find its intersection with the Academy's main hall. Traverse the main hall, and you shall find an entrance to another corridor. As you reach the corridor, you shall find Overserr Fjonni office's entrance before you. Enter the room and deliver him the datapad."

Really? My trial was an errand from one end of the Sith Academy to the other!?

"Is that all?"

"Indeed it is. Go swiftly, and remember the Code - always!"

"As you say... my master."

Needless to say, I was kinda frustrated. I was hoping something more bold, more challenging - not a stroll from one side of the building to the other. Nevertheless, I thought about the parable of the bags of gold: if I was faithful with lesser tasks, I may be put in charge of greater responsibilities... eventually. I walked out of the room in a quick pace. Got to the "intersection" without a problem, and no scratches crossing the large main hall, where a few Sith from varied ranks seemed to meditate around a huge pyramid. I didn't care much about it, and proceeded to the corridor. Once there, I found a door just like all the others in the Academy; however, it had two unfriendly young men guarding it, instead of the common, exquisite guards clad in red armors and helmets found all around the Academy. They crossed their training sabers as I tried to walk in.

"I came to deliver an item to Overseer Fjonni. I beg you let me pass." I tried to appeal to them as kindly as I could, without looking too soft and mild.

"Too bad, big boy," said one of them with an evil smile, "we are here to make sure you won't pass!"

The End

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