Sith Basics 101

"My training starts right now?"

"But of course!" Darth Styx responded, pacing once again. "Your enemy awaits the moment he can ambush you, and that moment is very near. Now, your first step to become a true Sith is to learn what it means to be a true Sith. Have you heard of the Code of the Sith?"

"Yes, I have: 'Peace is a lie, there's only p-'"

"Stop. Do not merely speak those words," said the Dark Councillor, lifting his hand and shaking it in disapproval. "The Code has been evoked by all kinds of Sith throughout millenia, as a source of both strength and guidance. Its words carry a legacy that cannot be tainted by the vain uttering of them. You must ponder what they mean - very carefully, of course - and embrace them as your new philosophy."

"My... new philosophy?"

"Everyone has his own beliefs and desires, but the Sith Order has a philosophy of its own - a philosophy to which all Sith adhere. Now think about it: 'Peace is a lie, there is only passion.' What does this mean?"

I tried to give an explanation worthy of a Sith: "It means peace is just an illusion, easily broken by one's passion."

"Indeed. Peace is a dream, coveted by the short-sighted Republic; a dream so ethereal that it cannot be grasped. Passion, however, is perennial. Passion is the evidence of your connection to the Force and to life. That is why we then say: 'Through passion, I gain strength.' By tapping into your emotions, your strength multiplies. Fear, anger, love - they are catalysts of your might. When you draw on these feelings, you are capable of things you now consider impossible. They are either your greatest allies, or your greatest enemies, depending on how you deal with them."

"I see, my master. What about the rest?"

His tone became increasingly menacing. "'Through strength, I gain power... Through power, I gain victory... Through victory, my chains are broken... The Force shall free me!' I believe it is quite self-explanatory, do you not?"

"It seems to obey a natural order: strength results in power, which in turn results in victory... but what are the chains?"

"The chains are the mistakes, the failures, the hindrances you face in your journey as a Sith."

"Oh... that makes sense." It did make sense. I meant it. It would allow many fans of the Republic to understand the Sith way of thinking...

"Now say the Code." Darth Styx had stopped once again. "Let it be your advisor at all times... and you shall succeed at all times."

I was reluctant in doing so. I felt it would be my fall. But then, I couldn't go back with my decision. After a long sigh, I recited the infamous Code: "Peace is a lie... there's only passion... through passion... I gain strength... through strength... I gain power... through power, I gain victory; through victory, my chains are broken: the Force shall free me!"

"So be it, Ely. You are now ready for your first trial!"

The End

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