Under the Darth's Wing

"No... It can't be! I'm not ready!" I was terrified by the thought of having to face a stalking lunatic, who also happened to be a Sith! "He will kill me, I'm sure of that!"

Darth Styx shook his head: "You are foolish for thinking so, Ely. You are physically superior to him, and your attunement to the Force is matched by few. Yet you see him as a threat. You should see him as an opportunity - perhaps the opportunity."

"What do you mean?"

"It has become clear to me that your incarnation in Solun's body was not a mere accident." The Dark Councillor paced back and forth as he spoke, "You seem to be destined to great feats, Ely; feats you cannot comprehend now, but that will make themselves fully known in their due time. "

Ok, I've seen too much of Star Wars to understand what all this Darth rubbish meant. That's why I just decided to ask flat out: "Am I destined to be a Sith?"

He didn't seem much surprised, however, "With all your raw talent and potential, you are certainly destined to be a great hero, a renowned legend - but that is not nearly enough to make you a Sith."

"Yes, one needs to be able to lie and cheat too," I said, as I remembered the typical, deceitful Sith stereotype.

"Treachery is a two-edged dagger used by those who cannot carry a whole sword. Unnecessary employment of such a hazardous weapon can have fatal consequences to its wielder... as it happens with too many Sith."

"Then what do I need to become a Sith?" I'm not gonna lie: however disgusting it may seem to be a Sith, I was excited about the idea of becoming one!

"You already have means to move and a hindrance. All you need is a path."

Obviously, I didn't get it. "Could you be more specific?"

"Ely, you have a very uncommon amount of power, yet you know not how to use it and when to use it. It is your duty to do something about it, especially if you already have a nemesis, which you do. Your survival - and your destiny - depends on your ability to manipulate that power."

He had a point. I still had a crazed acolyte trying to kill me, and I needed to do something about this... very unpleasing situation.

"You're right, Darth Styx. I must learn how to use the Force."

"You must indeed; and I shall be your mentor." The Dark Councillor had stopped by now, his eyes penetrating mine. "I shall guide you in the right direction, and teach you everything you need to learn in order to succeed among the Sith Order."

I pondered his words for a while. Did I really want this to be real? Did I really want to become a Sith? After considering more or less carefully, I said: "So be it... my master."

I could bet Darth Styx smiled when he heard these words, even if he is always so grave and serene: "Excellent... my apprentice. Be glad to know your training starts right now."

The End

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