I had no idea what to do, other than hide as a nerd hides from a bully! That madman was coming, and I had no doubt he would attack me the moment he found me!

"Calm yourself, Ely," said Darth Styx, somehow sensing my anxiety, "he will not strike you before he has passed through me - and believe me: few have ever passed through me, and even fewer have survived afterwards."

A shadow of a small, stocky man appeared on the entrance walls, becoming larger and larger as its caster approached the room. A shiver ran through my long spine as I saw the figure of my nemesis enter the Dark Councillor's chamber, but there was something wrong with that figure. I watched, paralyzed with terror, as the apprentice walked lowly, squirming in agony. His hand rested on his back as if it could soothe the pain from the severe impact against the stone pillar. It was a shock to me, especially because it was my fault!

"Th-th-the slave!'ve found lord!" The perfid eyes of the beaten apprentice were fixed on me as the former uttered these words and drew his training saber. "I knew I'd have my revenge!"

"Your revenge shall be postponed, acolyte, until you have explained the reason behind it," Darth Styx replied, with his cold, stolid appearance.

The crazed apprentice was startled, though his eyes still rested upon me. He seemed to have regained confidence, regardless of the Darth's presence. "I have no explanation to give you, Lord Styx. That mindless slave belongs to Lord Mastigia, and as his apprentice, I have come to claim what rightfully belongs to my master!"

What can I say? From the hands of the Dark Councillor came a surge of purple lightning, which struck the already wounded man and hurled him out of the somber room.

"Darth! It's Darth Styx!" shouted the masked Sith, so loud and piercing that it scared me! I contemplated the lunatic as he constricted himself from the jolt of lightning. After many seconds, he finally stood up, slowly and still twitching.

"Ha! It doesn't matter how long I have to wait," said the apprentice as he began to walk away, "a day; a month; a year, if I have to! But I will kill that wretched slave myself, and no one will stop me!"

Darth Styx looked at me with his usual stern mien. "Congratulations, Ely; you have earned your first mortal enemy. This bloodfeud will end only when one of you slays the other..."

The End

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