The Darth's Invitation (Part II)

"Mr. - I mean, 'Lord Styx'," I said as I tried to relieve the stress, "What do you think is going on? Why am I in this body?"

The Dark Councillor's eyes rested upon my puzzled expression: "I wish I knew for sure, Ely." He told me to sit down before his desk as he did the same behind it; I didn't dare to disobey. "The only reasonable explanation I could give you is that you were summoned."

"Summoned?" I asked, a bit skeptical about the idea.

"An entity - perhaps the spirit of a Dark Lord - brought you from death to reincarnate Solun's corpse; that is, if Solun has ever died."

I tried not to laugh out loud. "You call that reasonable"?

"You clearly do not understand what power lies in this planet. We walk among the earthly graves of numerous Sith, some of them with unmatched power over the Dark Side of the Force. Only they could have evoked you." The Darth seemed rather disappointed with my lack of insight. "Now consider the facts: Solun, an ordinary servant of a lesser Sith Lord, whose levels of midi-chlorians match those of the average Human non-Force user, is killed by his master's apprentice. Then Ely takes over Solun's body, faces Solun's killer, and knocks him out with one punch! One punch empowered by an astonishing, spontaneous flow of the Force!"

"Still, that does not explain how I was brought from - wait, that's it! The Physical Science experiment! The 'shock' was my... death." I could barely say the last word. If the Sith's theory was correct, it meant I was no longer alive - at least not on Earth!

"Grieve not, young one," he said, in his deep, yet apathetic tone, "your demise was the opportunity a greater being seized for his own purpose, and for that same purpose, he endowed you with a strong affinity to the Force. Therefore, I have no doubt this foe of yours, a Sith Lord's apprentice, stands as a test to your worth."

His keen words pierced my mind. They struck me with that feeling he was actually right, and that it was time to do something: "If you speak the truth, Lord Styx-"

"Darth. Darth Styx."

"Darth Styx, I mean, then I must find this 'entity' and get to know what it wants from me." Once I finished speaking, a light flashed on the Dark Councillor's desk.

"In its due time, Ely." The Sith then pressed the same button as before, saying: "Send him in."

The End

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