The Darth's Invitation (Part I)

I looked at the supposed Sith Lord, very uneasy. "What? Wait, why did you call me a slave, in the first place?"

"Are you mocking me with such question, slave?" The Sith responded impulsively. His bright silver eyes flashed in anger behind the mask, but he surpressed the emotion right away. "Humm... there is, in fact, no deceit in your words. Tell me, Ely, do you have any idea where you are right now?"

"This place seems to resemble Korriban," I replied.

"Indeed. We stand in the cradle of the Sith Empire, the glorious Korriban." The Darth beheld a stone pillar hit by the crazed acolyte. The latter, engulfed in pain and madness, began to awake from his faint. "Let us talk in my chambers, lest his blind rage will force me to kill him."

We turned to face a massive, pyramid-shape building. Majestic, stately, marvellous - there are no words that can completely describe the Sith Academy. Both inside and outside, the Academy was the tangible witness of the Dark Side's awe. The Dark Councillor led me through the obscure hallways and eerie corners until we finally reached his sumptuous chambers. He took out what seemed to be a bottle of stout beer, just like many others in grandpa's pub. I guess beer is still beer in Star Wars.

"Would you like one?" asked the Sith Lord.

"No, I'm too young to drink."

Darth Styx chuckled: "Too young!? You're a seven feet Feeorin, at least fifty years old!"

That just made me more perplex than before. "A fifty year-old Fee-oh-rin?"

The Dark Councillor set his bottle on his desk and searched something on his supercomputer. "Very well, Ely, you do not seem to be a lunatic. I cannot detect a lie in everything you've said so far. But your memory seems to be rather... damaged."

"What do you mean?"

"According to the archives, there's only one person of your kind in this planet -a slave named Solun. His physical description corresponds exactly to yours. He is a mere servant to Lord Mastigia, the master of the weakling you knocked out."

"I don't know any Solun! I don't know anything that's going on!" I panicked at his confirmation of my "slave" status. "I woke up inside this huge blue body, and that idiot just started attacking me and saying that I was dead and that he had felt it!"

The Sith Lord seemed to ponderate these words for a moment. "There is only one way to solve this enigma." He then reached to his desk and pressed a button as he said: "2V-R8, bring me Lord Mastigia's apprentice - sedated, if possible!"

The End

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