Meet Ely (Part II)

I'd prefer to spare you the details, but what I say now needs not to be said afterwards. I was not frightened by having to beat up an adult. I was frightened because he swung a blunt weapon way too fiercely. I could not even think about striking back; my mind was completely absorbed in avoiding his frenzied attacks. However, he had an ace in his sleeve...

After swinging and thrusting without ever hitting me, the "acolyte", as I'll call him from now on, stretched forth his left hand, his fingers pointing towards the sky. Suddenly, my whole body was hurled backwards! I fell just a few inches away from the cliff's wall, flabbergasted - how did he do that!? Did he just use the Force on me!?

Once I regained my focus, the acolyte was in the air, leaping with his saber high above his head, ready to slice through my recently-possessed indigo body. I had no idea what to do. It seemed to be the end. The end of a very, very weird nightmare. To some extent, it would be over.

I gathered all the boldness I could to react. As he was about to cut me through, I rose and punched him right in his padded guts. To my utter astonishment, my blow sent him flying against a stone pillar, knocking him out instantly! I don't know whether it was the breakfast, or my massive new body - but that was not just a punch. Something else was in that punch.

"What a remarkable display of unwitting use of the Force," a voice whispered at my ear. I turned, and beheld a man in a purple and red outfit, with a mask resembling Dr. Doom's.

"You're a... Dark Councilor?" I asked.

"Indeed, slave." He replied, retaining some form of enthusiasm. "My name is Darth Styx. What is yours?"

"My name is Eli-" I paused for a moment, uncertain about the whole situation. A "Darth"? Was I going insane?

"'Ely'," said the muscular Sith with a deep and loud voice, "I believe we will spend much time together from here on out."

The End

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