Meet Ely (Part I)

Before telling you how I knocked out an armed adult, I feel it would be best if I told you a little bit more about myself. My name is Elijah Crawford, hailing from the town of Stockport, in Manchester, UK. I've never been a bright kid; I've already failed once, in spite of having improved my grades on the last two years. I've always been skinny and introvert, the right combination to make you a bully's target. If it wasn't for karate, which I practice for almost eight years, my childhood would have been a living hell for sure. Sometimes I was forced to employ it in my defense; even so, the attackers (who were always bigger than me) would often get the best of me. Nevertheless, fighting them earned their respect, and rarely would they dare bother me again. I believe in Christ, and though I like to give other people's beliefs the impartiality they demand, they usually sound like sheer fudge to me.

Finally, I'm sort of a Star Wars fan. I don't care about the freakishly long Skywalker lineage, nor about the Yuuzhan Vong War, nor about the Army of Light. What I care about is the lore that can benefit my roleplaying - yes, I roleplay since a few months ago - based on the times of the Great Galactic Wars. I've learned a great deal about the Sith (who I, to the disappointment of many who share my faith, strongly support), the Jedi, the Force, the Empire, the Republic, and the Galaxy; the planets, the species, the weapons, and the guilds.  I know basically everything I need to be able to live in a Star Wars story, with the exception of Aurebesh.

Now imagine my astonishment as I faced a guy clad in a dark robe, wielding a Sith training saber, in a desert environment very much like that of Korriban!

The End

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