"You were dead!"

Everything had gone black. I felt nothing for a moment; then, I snapped back into "reality". A dusty breeze blew against my feet as I lay still on the ground. Evidently, I thought, that was not the Physical Science classroom.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. My body felt sored and swollen, as if it had been the poor victim of a bully's malice. A voice broke my contemplation of the cloudy sky and the canyon's walls meeting together: "No... It-It's not possible! You... You were dead! I-I felt it!... I know it!"

I rose from the arid ground and almost jumped once I noticed my new "skin pigmentation," if you could call it so. My arms, my legs - my whole body! - were completely blue! Indigo, to be more precise, with many white tribal tattoos! Insane! But that was not all: I felt something touching my back as I stood up. Somehow, my curly brown hair had been replaced by long, greasy (and blue) tendrils, full of dust from the ground.

My wits seemed to have been affected too; even bewildered, I was able to dodge the furious strike from the man who had spoken as I regained my consciousness. Either he was some kind of futuristic dwarf, or I had turned into a giant: the fierce man was a young adult already, while I'm in ninth grade. He swung a shiny bat they call a "training saber." I have one now, but I was unarmed at the time. The time had come to put my karate skills to practice. Third kyu of Shotokan might not make much difference when you're 5'7" and weigh 130 lbs. But when you're a bulky blue giant way bigger than your foe, you may have the tide turn in your favor. And that was precisely my situation.

The End

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