My Star Wars Saga

If I could have my own Star Wars saga, this is what it would look like! The protagonist is Elijah Crawford, who mysteriously warps into an alien corpse in the Galaxy, bringing it back to life and beginning a (somewhat) exciting adventure!
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To my dear colleagues, who put up with my fascination for Star Wars with incredible patience and laughter.

It's hard to believe it: I'm in the birthplace of the Sith Empire. Not under the best circumstances, but it's better than being in school. Except that I have a crazed acolyte pursuing me, as if his neck depended on my death. Perhaps it does.

After all, it's not every day that the slave you've killed comes back to life. You had heard his last breath. You had felt his dim connection to the Force expire. Yet he rises from his eternal torpor as you start walking away. You feel the Force flowing through him again; but this time, the sensitivity is stronger. As if he had been empowered by one of those mystical Sith amulets. As if he was not the same puny slave you had killed just a few moments ago. Indeed, he wasn't. Something; or rather, someone, took over him. I did.

I did not mean to, really. I'd never expect to reincarnate as an indigo humanoid nearly seven feet tall, with humongous tendrils hanging from the back of his head. It was going to be just another rainy day at the Cleverly Academy, in my humble hometown of Stockport.

I remember it well, now that I think of it; after all, it's only been a day since the "shock." Physical Science was the first class in the morning. I wasn't very eager for it, but we were doing an experiment. That meant, of course, we would not have to put up with Mr. Stephenson's babbling about electricity for forty-five minutes. I was making a mere electric circuit; I had linked all the parts together, except the source of power. But when I plugged it all to the socket... the adventure began!

The End

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