My star

It was a cloudy day and nine in the morning. I didn’t think September could be this cold, especially in Dallas. Selena and I were heading for second period at school. “I don’t see why your sister having depression is such a big deal,” I said, kicking a rock. “Isn’t it just sadness? I think people just need an excuse to deal with their loved one’s sadness. I think the person with it is just imagining the sadness she feels inside and is making an excuse to get attention. It’s unbelievable how some people take it so far.”

Selena stopped walking beside me, remaining in the same spot. I stopped a foot ahead. “What?” I asked.

Selena hesitated to take a shaky breath before saying, “Julia, I’ve had it with this. I know you don’t believe that depression exists! It’s clear with how you talk about it! I can’t make you believe in it, so I won’t try. But one day, I guarantee that you will somehow be affected closely by it, and then tell me if you still think that way about it. Look at me and say it! You bring me down so much, when my sister already does that so much because she can’t help it!” Selena’s tears

The End

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