“My soul mate, my lover, my friend, my angel”.

This piece is about a couple on Protag who I know very well and it is about a love that they share which will eventually kill them, but despite this, they have accepted this fate willingly for that one opportunity of pure bliss.

The sky swirled and stretched. It`s usual light blue coloring completely lost within the blood red coloring that seemed as thick as soup. Lightning lit up the sky like warning lights and thunder roared in an unholy cacophony of noise. The blood red sky was being slowly sucked towards a giant hurricane which was pulling things towards it and into it as easily as man pulled the leaves from the bushes. To some of the people who dared watch they believed that the end of the world had come, and from what they could see it seemed that way, but in fact it was something completely different.

Within the centre of the swirling maelstrom which was the hurricane, all was peaceful. There was not a sound, only a tranquil breeze rustled the bushes on the ground that was within the eye of the hurricane. In the middle of the eye, there stood a couple, locked in a tight embrace, looking up at the walls of the hurricane`s eye slowly rotate around them. They watched intently, without making a sound, amazed at how large the eye was steadily growing. They knew why the hurricane had appeared above them, although they still didn`t truly believed it. They had been told by a few friends, and even some psychics that they must never meet, although the psychics had given graver warnings of their meeting and that they would survive it. But this had not stopped the couple, and here they were in the middle of no-where, waiting for the end.

The man slowly lowered his head from looking up high, and looked at his soul mate, his love for the last time, she was shorter than he was, with soft brown hair and big wide eyes. Her personality was everything that he had ever wanted and even though he had wanted to bring her originally to his home town in the UK, circumstances dictated otherwise. He smiled, contemplating what he was about to do. The woman, a few seconds later, lowered her head and looked into his kind eyes again for the last time. He was taller than her, with whispery brown hair which was starting grey in some places from stress, his chin covered in stubborn hairs from where he had shaved yesterday. He was, in her eyes, perfect in every way, too perfect annoyingly she had thought before this had happened. She returned his smile, ready for what was about to happen.

Looking down at her tightly hugging him, he spoke to her for the first time in hours “well this is it you know, final chance, you can leave if you want...” he was stopped mid-sentence when she put her index finger on his lips “I am not going to leave, not now or ever, as you know that I wanted my first kiss to be with you” she said, with steely determination, continuing with “and if this will be my last kiss as well, then so be it”. She ended the sentence with a smile, and slowly removed her index finger from his lips. He looked at that beautiful smile for one last time and said the words “my soul mate, my lover, my friend, my angel” and with that they shared their first and only kiss.

Outside the hurricane, only a young boy and girl saw the blinding light that shone from the inside of the hurricane, and heard the massive explosion that was felt and heard for 100 miles in every direction. Once that had happened, the sky cleared and returned back to its clear, faultless light blue without a cloud in sight. No one knew what or who had caused the hurricane or it`s sudden disappearance, that is until a few weeks later, when the boy and girl were running through the field where the hurricane had been and they came to a clearing in the field and they found a picture of a woman hiding behind a pillow on a bed, with the words on the back of the image “my soul mate, my lover, my friend, my angel”. Picking the picture up, they looked up at the clear blue sky and without a word, they took each other’s hand and said the words on the image to each other “my soul mate, my lover, my friend, my angel”.

The End

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