I had to Protect Him

At home I sat with Isaiah, I hugged him.. what was wrong with people.. did they hate other races that much.. what was it, I didn't understand, I just knew I had to protect him, my son.

After dinner, I stared at the t.v. in disbelief,  a fire in a church.. one death.. Pastor Robert A. Fines.  I couldn't believe the black hollowed out hole had once been the building Isaiah and I had visited today. 

I wasn't sure how to feel, there was something troubling about it, as if I knew something or, as if I were responsible.  The phone moved me back into the present..  It was HIM, what did HE want?

HE began by telling me.. "Listen to me .. and don't say anything until I'm done please, will you do that?"

Would I do that????? as long as he wasn't going to say something negative about my son.. Why did that thought come to me?  Because, something tugged at my mind, something jumped around and danced just outside of my cognizance..

My conscious mind said hang up, my unconscious mind said LISTEN...

The End

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