It Was Not a Surprise..

About two weeks after Isaiah's arrival, HE walked out.  It didn't surprise me, I had in-fact contributed to this action.

I worried how this would affect Isaiah but, I needn't have, HE had never taken time with him anyway.  As for me, I immersed myself into the rearing of my child. 

Isaiah and I did everything together and I have to say he seemed to be happy still, he hadn't spoken.  I wondered what his little voice would sound like,  I wished, hoped no.. longed to hear him call me mommy, longed for him to hug me and to hear him say... he loved me.  For right now, I would be satisfied just to have him with me, to raise him.

Thinking one day I made a decision.. even though I, myself,  hadn't been in a werewolf life, I decided Isaiah needed spiritual guidance. 

Sunday couldn't come quick enough, I'd bought Isaiah a suit complete with tie and pleather shoes.  He was adorable.

We walked in hand in hand.. I smiled, Isaiah just stared straight ahead, he tightened his grip in my hand and I looked down at him. 

Someone spoke to me.. I had to focus cause .. what were they saying.. what?

It was the pastor, he all but screamed at me..  I had the sense that everyone was staring at us, what ...

And I heard.. ...

The End

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