WE discussed it..

Since WE decided on adoption, I have been finding out many different things, some have been good, and some not so good.  Here WE are discussing Isaiah.. the subject is not really up for debate.. WE are not deciding anything..  HE is deciding.

I sit quietly, I listen, I don't say a word, out of the whole argument or rather, out of HIS tirade,  I can't find a single thing that would change my mind and I don't understand why HE is so adamantly against it..

And I separate US forever,   with one simple question.. "Do you feel this way because Isaiah is white?"

HE stops in midstream, his eyes narrow and he draws in a deep breath.  I realize what I've done but, it's too late to take it back and, I don't think I would have anyway.  This is a side of HIM I have never seen, So I place the line deeper into the sand, straight down the middle...

"It is 2009, I thought WE had moved beyond prejudice, in-fact, I never realized you had that hate inside you."

There it was, division, I knew nothing between US would ever be the same.. a simple question followed by a simple statement and WE were done..  So, WE discussed it..

The End

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