My Son, My Friend, My Protector

WE had been married for five years now and WE were ready to start that family WE had discussed but.. guess that wasn't going to happen, the doctor said no children for me

I understood what women meant by saying they felt less than a woman, not only that.. what about him?  He tried to kiss me but, I was so wrapped up inside my own sorrow, I forgot it affected him too but, right now, I just wanted to wallow.

The next day I felt out of touch, unreal, I guess like the song says, unnecessary..  I used to think that was funny but now, it made sense, and I could apply it to me.

Still, he tried, and he actually succeeded in pulling me back into the WE part of the marriage.  WE cried about it, WE discussed it, WE made a decision.  WE would adopt.  Then WE talked about what WE wanted in a child, things like color of eyes, hair, age, sex..  WE agreed on everything pretty much.. Now, WE would make the appointment and go to the adoption services, WE were ready.

The End

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