Chapter Three: Someone's In My Room!

"Augh!" I jumped two feet in the air... I looked through the little peep hole thingy. Dang, I was jumpy! It was just Alex... I opened the door.

"Alex, you scared the crud out of me!!!" I squealed at her. "Sorry, didn't mean to. You DID say come over, so don't blame me..." "Good point. So, it's decided. We're getting the Cherokee Summits one?" I asked hopefully. "Um, duh! Isn't the one I said I liked?" She always had had that attitude... I guess being dead, pardon me, UNdead, didn't change too much...

   We walked out the door to go get breakfast. Mmmm, the sweet smell of uncooked pancakes and hot syrup filled the cafeteria. Or whatever it was. We walked towards the buffet line. I saw toast, scrambled eggs, and all sorts of delicious breakfast foods! We collected our plates. Alex got her normal breakfast, which was cheerios with, like, a pound of sugar in a Ziploc bag, no milk. I just grabbed a yogurt with peaches at the bottom and a Dr. Pepper. I HAVE to have a Dr. Pepper to wake up in the mornings. I HAVE to!

   We grabbed a table next to a window. I noticed that I couldn't feel the warmth of the sun. That was weird. I opened my mouth to ask Alex if she could. She beat me to it. "Hey, Sammi, can you feel the sun? I can't... This is too weird..." "Maybe it's just a side effect of being, you know," I whispered, "undead." She gasped. "Oh my gosh. You're right!" We agreed that this was too creepy.

    After that, neither of us was very hungry. "Hey, Alex, let's go grab our stuff and head out to go apartment shopping, sound good?" "Yeah, sure. The sooner we're in our own place, the better..." We headed back to the room. She got there before me. Alex just stood there, at my open room door.

       There was somebody in there, rustling around in my stuff...!!!

The End

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