Chapter Three: I'm dead. Well, undead, technically.

I woke up for the second time in a strange room in who knows how many days. I looked around, checking for any people who might be about to collapse with hysterics or something. There were none, thank goodness. I was all by myself, in what appeared to be some kind of hotel room.

   I was lying in a queen size bed that was still made, I was on top of the comforter. The giant TV thing that's normally on top of the dresser was there as well. All in all, it looked like I had been left in a pre-paid hotel room. Hmmm... This was strange. I got out of bed, and almost knocked over a chair with some fresh clothes, that looked to be from my room, and a note on it.

" Dear Sammi," it read, "Sorry for giving you such a fright at the funeral home. You died in the car crash. So did Alex. When you died, it made me wonder why I never did more than say hi or something like that. I guess this is a second chance for me, your undeath. You're going to see a lot more of me, and I'll try to be a better friend to you. Anyways, your sister smuggled some clothes to me out of your closet. I went and got your driver's license finalized, and I arranged for a debit card to be sent to you. There is a list of apartments that you and Alex will need to choose from as soon as you can check your email. I hope this helps.


                  A friend"


    I got down to business. I put on the clothes, and went over to the in-room laptop. Hey, that's my laptop! He/she must have smuggled it in here while I was knocked out. I opened my baby up, turned her on, and was instantly comforted by the bright glow of technology.

    First things first. I checked my email. A list of three little apartments was at the top. I clicked "open", and started paging through them. The first one was all the way downtown Atlanta. No, thank you. I'm a dead sixteen year old, not an idiot. The second was on the outskirts of Acworth, close to where I originally lived. Hmm, might be good to stay in the neighborhood. A place called Cherokee Summits was the third complex. It was town homes, but that would work too. I clicked on it to get a better look.

   It was a sweet little town home, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full size kitchen with and island in the middle, and a bar on the side. I sent the link to Alex through email, only hoping that the mysterious person had left her some stuff as well. *BINK* The "you have email" signal appeared on my screen.

     Alex had just emailed me! Good, she was awake too! Her email read "Hey Sammi. Get a load of this! Some stranger left me a note in my room, with some clothes from my house. I guess we DIED in that car crash after all. Huh. Can you believe it? We're UNDEAD!!! This is gonna be soo cool! So, the person left me a list of apartments, and I want the town home in Cherokee Summits! I love it, it's so cute!"

     I quickly typed back a reply. " Dear Alex. What hotel room are you in? I'm in 124. Come over here!" I sent it, and waited a second for her reply. It never came. Uh-oh, what happened?

     A knock sounded on my door. *KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*...

The End

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