Chpater Two: Sammi's UNdeath

That's all I knew from the time I blacked out to when I woke up, in a homecoming dress that I hated. My first thought, and sentence, was "How long have I been under?" Then, I realized a TON of people were staring at me, and I was laying in a casket! I also had a pale purple silk pillow under my head and a bouquet of roses, black and red and white, clutched in my cold, white hands. I started to get the idea I had been out for a while...

    "God, get me out of this dress!" I squealed. I'm not a dress person, unless I wear it to impress someone, say, Jake Leons? Anyways... I looked around the room again, trying to make sense of my surroundings. There were a bunch of chairs in a row in front of me, and guess what??!!! Alex was sleeping in a casket RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! "Is this some kind of sick joke, people?" I asked the gathered crowd.

    Alex sat up, still clutching the roses SHE had as well... "Hey Sammi. Let's go get Taco Bell, I'm starved!" The crowd gasped again. My twin sister, Macy, burst into tears. She didn't look too good. In fact, she looked like she had been bawling her eyes out for a couple of days at least. Yikes. What was going on??

    I started to get worried... "Um, dad, what's going on?" I inquired. I was starting to get freaked out by everyone's behavior... My mom screamed and swayed, then collapsed. My dad turned pale, then ran to catch her. Everyone took turns fanning her, and looking at me and Alex like we were ZOMBIES or something. Then it hit me.

   "OhMiGod. Did we DIE in that car crash?? Dad, what happened? Why am I so pale and white? WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON!!?" I started screaming. I may be sixteen, but waking up in a casket, in a funeral home, kind of throws off your sense of human normalcy, you know? So I was sitting there, bawling, while Alex just sits in her casket, playing with the roses.

     This is sooo typical Alex, completely oblivious as to what's really going on. Seeing her being normal like that set the world right again. Well, almost right. I stopped crying. Well, I stopped making crying noises. There were NO TEARS running down my face! None! Zip! Zero! GOOSE EGGS! I brushed my mid-back-length-auburn-dyed hair out of my face. I have it cut really sweet and romantically, even though I always have a pound or so of eyeliner on my lower rim...

    So, I stepped out of my beautiful casket, into the real world again. Things went fuzzy, and all I remember is Alex stepping out of HER casket with me, and then I THINK we both collapsed. It might have just been me. Thing is?

                                      I can't remember ANYTHING...

The End

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