Like I said, I get that awful feeling when something is going to happen, a feeling I can never shake.

This sounds absolutely insane but sometimes I think I might be physhic. I told you it sounded insane....but let me explain I have dreams sometimes, dreams that come true sometime after. It's like de ja vu accept I know I've dreamt it. Like once I had a dream about walking to a bus stop with a girl I didn't know and like a year later I met this girl and we became great friends (I even walked her to the bus stop every day after school.)

I've always been that quiet, loner girl who plays by herself in the play ground. I've always liked being on my own, it's kind of weird to have my friends around me,even knowing them a long time.

What do I look like? hmmmm.......I have long brown hair, green eyes and am very lightly tanned (It's a natural tan.) But wait for it.......I have a monobrow, yep, a monobrow. I look alot like my dad, not to say my dad is ugly but, I dunno I think if I cut my hair and put on a footy kit I could pass for a guy easily. When people say their an emo, a goth, a chav, a fasionista or whatever I just think about what I am....I am Eleanor, I am weird and I am different.

I am 14, I believe in the paranormal, I think aliens exist and I think I'm phschic? No way right, I have to be making all this up.....unfortunately, no. It's all real and things are about to get a whole lot worse.....

The End

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