My So Called "Life"

A teenage girl finds herself among the undead after she is killed in a car crash with her mother and best friend. She awakes in a funeral home, then blacks out, reawakening in a strange hotel room. She looks around to find a change of clothes and a note on the night stand beside her. The note explains part of what occurred, and she gets up to check her email. She finds that the guy she has been in love with for nearly three years is in love with her. This is her story, the first of the Undead Ch

Chapter One: Sammi's Death

So I'm a relatively normal girl, right? I like sleepovers, and some nail polish, and makeup. But then there's the boyish side of me. I also like skateboarding, and climbing trees, and driving fast cars. I'm soooo not your average girl. I also happen to be dead. Well, politically, it's "differently biotic." They just say that so they don't feel bad that we're basically walking worm burgers. My name is Sammi Munroe. This is my life. Well, my so called "life".


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    It was a normal day in Driver's Ed. The guy was the old, smelly, fat type, the kind you want to NOT have for your teacher. He even had a comb-over. Ugh. Why do I always get those? Anyways. So, I had finally completed the courses needed. YAY!!! So, he handed over my license papers. Yes!! I was finally free!

   Mom honked the car horn. Okay, not completely free. Close enough. "COME ON, SAMMI!! WE HAVE TO RUN SOME ERRANDS STILL!!!" She bellowed out of the car window. I hopped in the car. "Mom, look, look, look, I got the papers! I'm almost a free teenager!" "Okay,sweetie, that's fantastic. Let's go! I need to pick up a few things for Macy and your birthday party. Don't you want a Sweet Sixteen?" "Yeah, okay."

   I quickly took out my iPod and tuned to 96.1 FM. That's the best rock station in Atlanta. Just saying.  Something scratchy and heavy metal was playing by Avenged Sevenfold... Oh well... I just kept it tuned into that.

   Did I mention that all this happened BEFORE I died? Guess not. Well, it did. We decided to pick up my friend, Alex, and Mom was gonna drop us off at the mall while she picked up party supplies. We swung by her house, picked her up, and then Mom hopped on the highway to take us to the mall.

    So, we're driving up the highway, right? This crazy, black, brand-new looking SUV starts tearing down the highway. I saw him chuck a few people off the ramp. Oh, crap, I think. "MOM, LOOK OUT!!!!" I screamed as he tore up towards us. "Whaa?" She says as the SUV hit us, head on!

                   Things went black as I passed out from the pain...

The End

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