My Skin To Become Young And Fresh

she doesn't have that this right here we know that soda is extremely acidic

it what on the shelves has an antioxidant nothing what on the shelves will cause systemic inflammatory response everything okay what's going to raise cortisone everything if the population ate this stuff oh my gosh you'd have a third of them with heart disease you have one in six okay with well when I'm poor mental disorder you have 50 percent cancer rates you don't wanton eat this stuff particularly in America okay yet that’s okay Obamacare will be successful when they go to the supermarket screen at the shelves and feed it now he can feel it to a dog it politician sowed good yeah maybe we should just do it controls over there little building up there okay now people are going to say because there’s some still stuck in the mud quacks okay that don't understand that that if you eat food okay you digest it and their absolutely right there saying if you eat meat comes out about you know 23 pH if you eat vegetables comes at about two 3ph it's the same however the residue the residue of the animal products and I’m not talking genetically modified hormone Laden toxic still urged you know McDonald's burgers okay any animal products the residues are acidic that means after the digestive process the residues a plants are alkaline if you have any residues Ahvaz said what’s your best um alkalizing substance that’s manufactured by your kidneys your dream house it's called call former install so does that mean every animal products going. 

The End

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