Preparations (Aidan)



So my job is to find a house? Oh really? That’s original, isn’t it, Meggie? Leave the man to do all the hard work?

I sigh. Well, of course, she isn’t. She probably has her hands full with female business such as hair, beauty and wedding-dress fittings.

Wow, I know she’ll look completely smashing in the wedding dress!

I flick through the leaflet of houses in up-market Oxford, bored. I can’t help but think that time would move a bit faster if my fiancée was here with me. After all, she is always the property enthusiast, and always seems to be interested in getting the perfect house to match our ‘perfect family’.

Perfect? Yeah, right! Not with her blood… Ouch, that’s too cruel…

My mobile rings. ‘God Save the Queen’ echoes round the living area of my flat. I should probably change that before I’m married.

I pick it up hastily, hoping that Meggie is on the other end of the line.

It’s my sister.

“Hi…” I say, trying to hide my slight disappointment. But then I brighten up. Because any company is better than none, right?

Just as a wife who comes from the Devil is better than no wife?

“Stop these thoughts,” I tell myself. The bad thoughts would no doubt grow up and destroy my wedding plans.

The again, I wouldn’t have proposed if I didn’t think I was ready to be with Meggie for the rest of my life; I know she’s the one. And now we’ve been through so much together. It feels right!


“Hey, Aidan,” my sister’s voice is bright and bubbly, if a little strained with work, “Are you going to come?”

“Going to come?” I frown as she can’t see me, but then remember my promise.

“Oh, yes, I’d almost forgotten…”

The End

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