Preparations (Meggie)



Organist. Check.

Cake. Check.

Main guests. Check…I think…

I float high on cloud nine, smothered with the joy of wedding preparations. The Uni room I’m in is cluttered with magazines, from high-society houses advertising ‘the perfect ball’ to the best place to get cocktail sausages that won’t poison some of my nut-free, gluten-free starlet friends.

Along with those bits and bobs is a directory of wedding-dress-makers, and their nearest stores. I finger the cool invisible threads of a slim white wedding dress, with golden-threaded cuffs and neck-line. It’s beautiful on the page and then again in my mind, but if I go for it, a) I doubt I’ll look very beautiful in it and, b) it would significantly lower the remainder of the wedding budget. Gee, that is an expensive dress.

But, yes, that’s not the only thing I am worrying about. Ever since Aidan proposed, the words of my mother, “You’ll never be close to him”, have been haunting my thoughts; it’s as though she is going to sneak up and snatch me from the grasp of my betrothed.

So I have to prepare for the worst.

I have to prepare for her coming, and to find a way to fight back if she will not give me what I want the most in the world: Aidan.

Think again if you want to marry that pure man of yours,” the devil-woman had said, and the thoughts prey at and peck out the sweetest of happiness, even at times like this.

I just hope that I can win.

And I hope that my future family-in-law will never have to meet her…

If they do, they’ll probably disown me, especially if she sows her evil seeds of destruction.

Then again, Rachel will probably disown me anyway if she finds out what I am.

The End

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