Lineage (Rachel)



My mother rings me up, bubbling with excitement at her only son’s wedding, which will, no doubt, lead to more grandchildren, this time of the Bible name. She has been, not pressuring exactly, but bothering my brother to get engaged as his life draws ever on. Like any mother, she wants to ensure her son’s happiness, and she sees marriage as the way. Very ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

And yes, my mother is very traditional. She loves to knit and read the classics (with her circular spectacles on of course) and still texts WITH THE CAPS PERMENTLY ON! But grandchildren are her deepest passion. She lavishes so much love upon my children, sometimes it feels like she is suffocating them. They, of course, love it. My children, like any others that I know (in fact, I have never met someone who has despised their own parents or family), soak and thrive on the attention, growing ever more beautiful… in my eyes. But, of course, as their mother, I would say such a thing; it is an honour to be passing down my lineage to them.

To be honest, it won’t bother me what background Meggie is from, she is who she is and that will be because of the life that she has already lived. I can honestly say that I am willing to welcome whoever her parents are into mine and my children’s family. I just hope that those people won’t be a very bad influence on the young ones, as their minds are like sponges; they absorb every action that others do as their own.

Let’s hope that I don’t have to lay my life on the line to make it work.

Because I daresay mother will disagree in her usual way.

The End

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