Lineage (Aidan)


The Bible surname has been in the family for years- and not in that religious sense that the name implies and that you’re all thinking of.

We have a special lineage, I know, dating right back down the ages… We even have a family crest and motto, you see:

In Medio Tutissimus Ibis

But I have no brothers, cousins, and no distant relatives… It’s up to me to continue the Bible name and its aspects of high gentleman-ship, as my older sister married at an early age into the ‘Kelly’ family line, a strong one, but of such lower-class.

Although, I am acting a little out of character; stress does that and preparations for my one and only wedding are stressful.

Normally, though I enjoy wine, hiking and boating, going to France and Italy, and the occasional cigar (all remnants from the grand days of Lords, Ladies, and high-society Bibles), I will make true friends and hang out with them in the local pub; enjoy a good beer and a good laugh.

Meggie is a good friend to me. I can see that not only does she admire my artistic touch, and pianist’s hands, but she likes me for who I really am; the way I act, my silly spontaneity that comes with my odd personality.

It’s nice to joke about and relax with people you know. It’s healthy to be away from work life for once, and away from the public eye. As ‘Meggan G’ ’s boyfriend, I get that a lot: questions about our relationship, my friends, my work… Sometimes they even ask me about my clothes and interrogate me about my background. As proud as I am, I never let a word slip; I hate the way the news reporters can just blow everything out of proportion (and I mean everything).

I fear that will be the blockage in our marriage. But eventually, she should choose between fame and love… Not that I’ll ever ask her to…

Suddenly a thought of great importance strikes the others completely out of the way.

We must have Châteauneuf du Pape at the wedding!

Well, that’s what comes from being descended from a Lord. At least I have classy taste!

The End

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